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NASA Langley's Digital Learning Network™

Langley DLN StudioBob Starr looks on as Karen Ricks and Center Director Lesa Roe host an event in Langley's Digital Learning Network™ studio in the Office of Education
Image Credit: NASA/ Sean Smith

The NASA Digital Learning Network™ (DLN) delivers education through free, interactive educational events, webcasts and video conferences featuring NASA missions and research.

At Langley, the DLN studio is housed in the Office of Education, and employees work together to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction for students and educators. The Langley DLN is constantly working to improve interactive instructional technologies for educator professional development and distance learning initiatives in the education community. The DLN celebrated its 10th anniversary of innovation in digital education in 2013.

For more information on the DLN, including a list of upcoming events available for students and educators, please visit the DLN website.

NASA DLiNfo Channel

Watch the NASA DLiNfo Webcast Channel! Featuring educational video clips from the past, and LIVE webcasts about NASA's missions and people, brought to you by the NASA Digital Learning Network™.

The NASA Langley DLN Team

Caryn Long
About: Long provides educational counsel and services to America's schools through STEM and geography standards using state of the art technology and distance learning practices at NASA Langley. She has been an educator in the precollege and college level arenas for 25 years, and was the district science lead teacher of 90 elementary schools. Long has had various levels of educational experiences in NASA education, and is a consultant for a national science education company. She has worked for the North Carolina Department of Education as an elementary science expert, published articles in education books and magazines, and is a former Einstein Fellow, Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellow, Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science Teaching, was honored by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the North Carolina Science Teachers Association (NCSTA), and was a finalist for Teacher of the Year.  She is currently working to complete a PhD in Educational Technology from Oklahoma State University.
Glenn Sweatt
Studio Manager
About: Sweatt is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the Langley DLN production studios, control room, training classroom and all associated systems and equipment. He performs various production duties for live and live-to-tape productions and webcasts, with duties that range from technical director, camera operator, audio, lighting, tape and CG operator. Sweatt assists Langley Education staff and customers with configuring, formatting, and converting still and motion imagery to improve presentations and ensure system compatibility. Sweatt also served as a producer, director, and videographer for the United States Air Force. He has been with the Langley DLN since 2011.

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