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NASA Langley K12 Student Programs
December 10, 2013

[image-51] Virginia Air and Space Center (VASC)

The VASC, a NASA Langley education partner, has created an array of educational programming for grades pre-K through 12 designed to meet the Virginia Standards of Learning guidelines and stimulate your students' interests in the fields of air, space, science and technology. VASC's informal science education approach promotes "learning through doing," which allows students to explore the basics of scientific principles in a fun and engaging environment outside of the classroom. Offerings range from one-hour programs on basic science principles to the monthly Cosmic Kids Club to overnight and summer science camps.
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Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS)

The Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS) program is an interactive on-line science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning experience, highlighted by a six-day residential summer academy at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Students selected to participate in the program are immersed in NASA-related research through interaction with scientists, engineers and technologists. The program is a partnership between the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and NASA Langley Research Center with assistance from the Virginia Department of Education.
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For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST)

FIRST supports the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge by providing grants and scholarships to high school teams as well as sponsoring FIRST regional competitions to solve engineering problems.
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Governor's School Mentorships in Engineering

This program offers high school students an engineering experience through actual applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts.
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NASA Internships, Fellowships, Scholarships (NIFS)

The NASA Internship program is a paid educational, hands-on experience that creates opportunities for students to come to NASA Langley Research Center to conduct robust research and work on exciting projects while working side-by-side with NASA’s finest scientists, researchers, engineers and mission support teams. High school students are invited to apply for an 8-week or 10-week summer internship opportunity. Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age and at least a sophomore when the internship begins.
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Langley Education Middle School Photo
Middle school students at a rocket demonstration for NASA Langley's 2010 Day of Education.
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NASA/Ian Batchelder
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