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Dr. Kimberly Brush, Educator Professional Development Coordinator
November 26, 2013

[image-51]Dr. Brush is currently the Educator Professional Development Coordinator at NASA LaRC.  After teaching for almost 10 years in K-12 in the public and private sectors, Dr. Brush completed the NASA Pathways Program at NASA LaRC and earned her Ph.D. in May 2013 in Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership, with a focus on Higher Education Administration from the College of William and Mary.  Dr. Brush's education priorities include The School Counselors' Engineering and Engineering Technology Workshops across the state, with expansion across LaRC's five-state region, including Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and West Virginia.  She is interested in developing partnerships and programs that support the improved understanding of STEM careers in K-12 education. Dr. Brush was also a contributing author to a November 2013 article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning entitled "Internationalizing a Campus: From Colonial to Modern Times."

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Dr. Kimberly Brush, NASA Langley Educator Professional Development Coordinator
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