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Dr. Gamaliel "Dan" Cherry, NASA Educator Professional Development, Deputy
November 18, 2013

[image-51] During his tenure with the Education office, Dr. Cherry has served as a presenter for NASA’s Digital Learning Network, participated on several working groups to enhance education programs, and helped develop the Office of Education Performance Measurement System (OEPM). He currently serves as the NASA Educator Professional Development Line of Business Deputy. Dr. Cherry has served as an Organization Development (OD) consultant, Training Specialist, and Executive Coaching Program Manager. His OD duties included coaching organizations to reach more efficient operations and developing custom engagements that focus on specific client needs.

He monitored Langley Aerospace Research Center (LaRC) training requests and developed custom training programs that decreased skill gaps for organizations. His coaching responsibilities included matching potential coaches with clients at LaRC and monitoring ongoing engagements ensuring client needs were met. He has served as the team lead for Langley’s 21st Century Lab initiative and development sub-team lead for NASA Langley’s Workforce Strategy Team. He received his doctorate degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Old Dominion University, and has worked with NASA for 10 years in the areas of Education and Human Resources.

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Gamaliel "Dan" Cherry, Ph. D., NASA Educator Professional Development, Deputy
Dr. Gamaliel "Dan" Cherry, NASA Educator Professional Development, Deputy
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NIA/Dan Cherry
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