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Research Operations and Integration

ultrasound eye imaging

The ROI Element maintains and operates two full Human Research Facility (HRF) Racks within ESA’s Columbus Module. Each rack houses a number of powered rack-mounted systems, along with providing stowage and a platform for deploying a number of portable HRF systems, designed to support human life science research aboard the ISS.

HRF Racks

  • The HRF Racks comprise an on-orbit laboratory that enables scientists conducting human life science research to evaluate the physiological, behavioral, and chemical changes induced by space flight. Research performed using the racks provides data to help scientists understand how the human body adapts to long-duration spaceflight. 
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hrf racks

Space Linear Acceleration Mass Measurement Device (SLAMMD)

  • The SLAMMD follows Newton’s Second Law of Motion by having two springs generate a known force against a crewmember mounted on an extension arm, the resulting acceleration being used to calculate the subject’s mass. The device is accurate to 0.5 pounds over a range from 90 pounds to 240 pounds.
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HRF Payload Drawer

  • The HRF Payload Drawers provide a sub-rack payload platform capable of provided power and data to a variety of external or internal payloads. It is one of the few systems that can provide 120 VAC power to payloads via a standard three-prong connector. 
hrf payload

HRF Centrifuge

  • The HRF Centrifuge is a modified commercial swing-bucket, or horizontal, centrifuge used to support biological sample separation based on density in microgravity.  It is capable of providing a separating force equivalent to up to a little over 3200 times the force due to gravity on earth.

8PU Utility Drawers

  • Provides stowage for consumables with added radio-frequency identification (RFID) capability built in that automates inventory of the RFID-tagged contents without crew intervention. The drawer also provides power and data connections on the front panel for deployed equipment requiring rack power. There are currently four 8PU Utility Drawers housed within the HRF Racks.

Cooling Stowage Drawers

  • Provide stowage for equipment. When in operation, the drawers maintain a uniform temperature by improving air circulation in the rack to remove the heat generated by individual powered payloads that use the HRF Racks.