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May 25, 2012
RELEASE : 12-173
Statement By John P. Holdren, Assistant To The President For Science And Technology, On The Docking Of The Dragon Spacecraft With The International Space Station
WASHINGTON – Following the Friday, May 25, docking of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft with the International Space Station, John P. Holdren, assistant to the President for science and technology policy, issued the following statement:

"For the first time, a private American company has successfully launched a spacecraft into orbit and berthed it with the International Space Station--an achievement of historic scientific and technological significance and a key milestone in President Obama's vision for America's continued leadership in space.

That is exactly what the President had in mind when he laid out a fresh course for NASA to explore new scientific frontiers and take Americans even deeper into our solar system while relying on private-sector innovators--working in the competitive free market--to ferry astronauts and cargo to low Earth orbit and the International Space Station. It's essential we maintain such competition and fully support this burgeoning and capable industry to get U.S. astronauts back on American launch vehicles as soon as possible.

I could not be prouder of our scientists and engineers--both government and private sector employees--who have contributed to this historic mission. A passion for discovery and a sense for adventure have always driven this nation forward, and I join all Americans in watching what future possibilities are enabled by today's great achievement."

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