Fred Brown
Headquarters, Washington                              
Dec. 5, 2011
NASA TV Moving to New Satellite; Liveshot Service Moving to Ku Band
WASHINGTON -- Effective Dec. 19, 2011, NASA Television's Public, HD, Media and Education channels will be available for downlink on satellite AMC-18.

NASA TV will provide dual service on AMC-18 and its current satellite, SES-2, through Dec. 18, 2011. By Dec. 19, cable and satellite service providers, broadcasters, and educational and scientific institutions must have their receiving devices tuned to AMC-18 to continue accessing NASA TV for distribution.

NASA TV's Live Interactive Media Service (LIMS) for media liveshots will be moving to KU-band service, effective Dec.17, 2011. Satellite, transponder and KU-Band parameters will be provided before each interview event. NASA will attempt to schedule each set of liveshots on a satellite in close proximity to AMC-18.

For complete NASA TV and NASA LIMS downlink information, visit:



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