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June 21, 2010
RELEASE : 10-150
President Obama Proposes Additional Financing For Growth And Jobs
WASHINGTON -- The president submitted to Congress on Friday, June 18, a fiscal year 2011 budget amendment that targets up to $100 million toward spurring regional economic growth and job creation in the aerospace industry.

The amendment would provide up to $40 million in aid for Florida's Space Coast and a maximum of about $60 million for other affected regions. These funds specifically would be made available from the Constellation Program transition element of the agency's exploration request. The amendment does not increase the total of the administration's fiscal year 2011 budget request.

The amendment was presented to support the administration's new course for human spaceflight, while revitalizing NASA and transitioning to new opportunities in the space industry and beyond.

"We're very pleased the president has asked for additional support to help the communities and workers most deeply involved in our space program," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. "NASA's work force is incredibly talented and dedicated. This $100 million investment in our people is essential to spurring economic growth and job creation."

The president established the Task Force on Space Industry Workforce and Economic Development on May 31. The task force is chaired by Bolden and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. It is charged with developing, in collaboration with local stakeholders, an interagency action plan to enhance economic development strategies and plans along the Space Coast and affected aerospace communities in other states. The task force team will report its recommendations to the president by Aug. 15.

The administration launched a $40 million, multi-agency initiative in May for regional economic growth in Florida and to prepare space industry workers for future opportunities there. Task force activities will complement local and federal economic and work force-development efforts.

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