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Teresa Mannix
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July 7, 2010
NASA, Georgetown Invite Public to Astronauts' Discussion of Recent Space Shuttle Mission
WASHINGTON -- NASA and Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business invite the public to a discussion with the most recent space shuttle crew to fly in space at 6:30 p.m. EDT on Monday, July 26. The McDonough School of Business will host the six astronauts in the Lohrfink Auditorium of the Rafik B. Hariri Building. The crew members will give a video presentation about their mission and answer questions from the audience.

Those interested in attending the astronauts' talk can sign up online. Each individual must register separately at:


Reporters interested in covering the event should contact Teresa Mannix at 202-687-4080 or tmm53@georgetown.edu.
Ken Ham commanded the flight and was joined by Pilot Tony Antonelli and Mission Specialists Garrett Reisman, Michael Good, Steve Bowen and Piers Sellers. The six astronauts completed a 12-day mission aboard space shuttle Atlantis in May.

It was the third shuttle mission of 2010 and the last scheduled flight for Atlantis. The mission, designated STS-132, delivered the Russian-built Mini Research Module-1 to the International Space Station. Also known as Rassvet (the Russian word for "dawn"), the module provides additional storage space and a new docking port for Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.

The mission's three spacewalks focused on replacing and installing components outside the station, including replacing six batteries, installing a communications antenna and adding parts to the Canadian Dextre robotic arm.

For more information about the STS-132 crew members and their mission, visit:


Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business will stream the event online. For more information about the school and a link to the live webstream, visit:



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