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Dec. 9, 2010
RELEASE : 10-325
"Wings In Orbit" Details Shuttle History By Those Who Made It Happen
HOUSTON -- As NASA's space shuttle fleet nears retirement, the agency is preparing to release a comprehensive account of the program that managed the spacecraft and the dedicated people who made its accomplishments possible.

The 500-plus-page book, "Wings in Orbit" is available for pre-publication sale. The book describes the scientific, engineering and cultural contributions of the space shuttle through text, photographs and graphics, written or selected by those who worked in the shuttle program.

"Not only is this book informative and beautifully done, it captures the passion of those who devoted their energies to the more than three decades of the shuttle program," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for Space Operations. "It recognizes and celebrates what NASA has accomplished using the shuttle system."

Former shuttle program manager Wayne Hale was the book's executive editor. The book features a wide range of contributors, including the first space shuttle crew and many former flight directors, engineers and program managers.

The book is slated for release in March. To order the book during the pre-publication sale through Dec. 31, visit:


For more information about the space shuttle era, visit:



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