Fred Brown
Headquarters, Washington     
Dec. 17, 2009
NASA Television Moving to Satellite AMC3; Make Sure You Make the Move Too

WASHINGTON -- Effective Jan. 16, 2010, NASA Television's Public, Education and Media channels will be available for downlink on satellite AMC 3. Additionally, NASA TV has reformatted its online program schedule to improve its readability.

Cable and satellite service providers, broadcasters, and educational and scientific institutions will need to re-tune their receiving devices to AMC 3 to continue accessing NASA TV for distribution.

News networks, their reporters and other broadcast media organizations must tune their satellite receivers to the Media Channel to ensure reception of clean feeds for all mission coverage, news conferences, and other agency distributed news and information. News and other media organizations will no longer be able to rely on content from the Public Channel for clean feeds of mission and other agency activities.

NASA TV's occasional HD feed and Live Interactive Media Outlet (LIMO) Channel also will migrate to AMC3. For complete downlink information effective Jan. 16, 2010, visit:


NASA Television has made its online program schedule easier to read, with schedules for all three channels listed on one page. Listings of upcoming programs, events and features on NASA TV's Public, Education and Media channels now can be accessed easily at:


For more information about NASA and agency programs, visit:



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