Grey Hautaluoma
Headquarters, Washington
Kylie Clem
Johnson Space Center, Houston
August 31, 2009
NASA to Brief Media about Completion of Orion Vehicle Design Review
WASHINGTON -- NASA will host a teleconference Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 3 p.m. EDT to discuss the conclusion of the preliminary design review for the Orion crew exploration vehicle.

The preliminary design review is one of a series of reviews that occurs before hardware manufacturing may begin. As the review process progresses, detailed parts of the vehicle design are assessed to ensure the overall system can meet all NASA requirements for safe and reliable flight. The Orion Project's review process culminates in a board meeting held at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston beginning Aug. 31.

The briefing participants are:
-Geoff Yoder, director, Constellation Systems Division, NASA Headquarters, Washington
-Jeff Hanley, manager, Constellation Program, NASA's Johnson Space Center
-Mark Geyer, manager, Orion Project, NASA's Johnson Space Center

Reporters should contact Grey Hautaluoma at 202-358-0668, or Ashley Edwards at 202-358-1756, by noon Sept. 1 for dial-in information.

To listen to live streaming audio of the call, visit:


For more information about the Orion crew exploration vehicle, visit:



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