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Kelly Humphries
Johnson Space Center, Houston
Nov. 7, 2008
NASA Contract Integrates Mission Operations, Training Facilities
WASHINGTON -- NASA has awarded a $667.3 million contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. of Gaithersburg, Md., to provide integrated support for the hardware, software, data and displays used to train for and execute human spaceflight missions.

The new Facilities Development and Operations Contract, or FDOC, combines work previously performed under two separate contracts, and the synergy is expected to augment the efficiency and effectiveness of the human spaceflight operations team. The FDOC replaces the Mission Support Operations Contract and incorporates portions of the work performed under the Space Program Operations Contract.

"This award offers the opportunity to effectively transition experienced mission operations capabilities from the Space Shuttle Program to the Constellation Program," said Associate Administrator for Space Operations Bill Gerstenmaier. "Specifically, this contract will make possible the efficient transformation of shuttle operations personnel, knowledge and facilities to enable success in future human spaceflight programs."

The contract provides consolidated systems services development and operations support within NASA's Mission Control Center in Houston and backup control centers for the space shuttle, International Space Station and Constellation programs. The FDOC team will ensure the availability, integrity and reliability of space station avionics software, space shuttle and space station integrated planning systems, shuttle and station simulators for crews and flight controllers, and space shuttle flight software production. In addition, it will support development of a Constellation training facility, simulators and mission control systems. The majority of the work for the contract will take place at or near NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The contract base period begins Jan. 1, 2009, and continues through Sept. 30, 2012. The contract includes two one-year extension options valued at $154.2 million and $155.5 million respectively. Exercising both options would extend the contract through Sept. 30, 2014, and increase the total contract value to $977 million.

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