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Dec. 02, 2008
NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour Set to Return to Florida
EDWARDS, Calif. -- After landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California on Nov. 30, space shuttle Endeavour is about to make its cross-country journey back to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Mounted on a modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft, Endeavour is expected to begin its journey to Florida as early as Sunday. The exact date and time of departure have yet to be determined because of changing weather conditions and the fluid nature of preparing Endeavour for this ferry flight. However, the latest information about the shuttle's ferry flight will be available by calling 321-867-2525.

Current flight information also will be posted on the space shuttle's main Web site at:


NASA Television will provide live coverage of Endeavour's departure and arrival. For NASA TV downlink, the schedule of ferry flight coverage and streaming video information, visit:


Strict flight weather restrictions may cause unexpected changes to the flight path and arrival time of the shuttle in Florida. All media should be at the Kennedy News Center one-hour and 15 minutes ahead of the announced arrival time of Endeavour for transportation to the Shuttle Landing Facility.

STS-126 media credentials will be honored at Kennedy for the return of Endeavour. Credentialed foreign media must call 321-867-4036 or e-mail laurel.a.lichtenberger@nasa.gov by noon Friday, Dec. 5, for new access badges.

U.S. media may drive directly to the news center, while foreign media must call the news center at 321-867-2468 to arrange for transportation. TV stations planning on covering the arrival live from the shuttle runway must have proper credentials. Journalists must follow a dress code for the landing site: no skirts, no shorts, no sleeveless shirts, and only closed-toed, flat shoes.

During their 16-day journey of more than 6.6 million miles, the STS-126 crew conducted important repair work and prepared the International Space Station to house six crew members on long-duration missions beginning next year. For more information about the mission, visit NASA's Web site at:



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