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J.D. Harrington
Headquarters, Washington

May 8, 2007
RELEASE : 07-105
NASA Announces Aeronautics Research Opportunities
WASHINGTON - NASA has amended its "Research Opportunities in Aeronautics" announcement to solicit research in several new topic areas in the Aviation Safety Program's Aircraft Aging and Durability Project. This research will enhance the safety of the nation's air transportation system by taking a proactive approach to address safety challenges of new and legacy vehicles.

NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Aviation Safety Program conducts long-term, cutting-edge research to produce tools, methods, concepts and technologies to improve the intrinsic safety attributes of current and future aircraft. These developments help to overcome safety technology barriers that would otherwise constrain the full realization of the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

The Aircraft Aging and Durability Project addresses hazards that can develop in aging aircraft. The project develops advanced diagnostic and prognostic capabilities to detect and mitigate hazards before they become critical. The research and technologies to be pursued will greatly improve vehicle safety by decreasing the susceptibility of aircraft and onboard systems to premature deterioration. The project will emphasize new material systems and fabrication techniques and address the potential hazards associated with aging-related degradation. The project takes a proactive approach to incorporate aging mitigation technologies and processes into the design and maintenance of aircraft operating in the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Specific evaluation criteria, deadlines and points of contact for this and additional research topics in other project areas are available in the announcement at:

For more information about NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, visit:

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