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J.D. Harrington
Headquarters, Washington

Mar. 27, 2007
RELEASE : 07-76
NASA Announces Aeronautics Research Opportunities
WASHINGTON - NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate has amended its NASA Research Announcement to solicit additional research proposals. The "Research Opportunities in Aeronautics" announcement seeks research in several new topic areas for the Next Generation Air Transportation System Air Traffic Management Airspace Project and the Subsonic Fixed Wing Project.

The primary goal of the Airspace Systems Program is to develop revolutionary concepts, capabilities and technologies that will enable significant increases in the capacity, efficiency and flexibility of our National Airspace System. The project will explore and develop concepts and provide research data to define and assess the allocation of ground and air automation concepts and technologies necessary for the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

A major focus of the Subsonic Fixed Wing project is to develop improved prediction methods and technologies for future subsonic aircraft with lower noise, lower emissions and higher performance. NASA is interested in improving both conventional and unconventional configurations to meet these goals. The long-term strategy includes providing novel test methods and validated prediction tools that can be used to improve system trades for advanced concepts capable of meeting longer-term noise, emissions and performance targets. One of the focus areas of the current announcement is the development of research ideas that may enable revolutionary improvements such as those promised by a wide range of hybrid wing body configurations.

NASA expects that educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and industry engaged in foundational research will be the primary award recipients for this announcement. Specific evaluation criteria, deadlines and points of contact for this and additional research topics in other project areas are available in the announcement at:

For more information about NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, visit:

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