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David E. Steitz
Headquarters, Washington

Mar. 26, 2007
RELEASE : 07-75
NASA Announces Medical Review Team Members
WASHINGTON - On Monday, NASA announced the committee members who will conduct a comprehensive review of health services, including behavioral health care, available to astronauts. The committee will review current NASA healthcare systems and medical policies, standards and certifications for astronauts. In April, they will travel to NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, to review documents and interview personnel involved in NASA's human spaceflight program, including astronauts.

Air Force Col. Dr. Richard E. Bachmann chairs the group of external experts. Bachmann is an expert in aerospace medicine with experience in providing medical support to people who conduct operations in extreme environments.

The other external members of the committee are: Air Force Col. Dr. Timothy Sowin, an expert in neuropsychiatry; Dr. James R. Fraser, M.P.H., an expert in aerospace medicine from the Federal Aviation Administration; Retired Navy Capt. Dr. Sandra Yerkes, an expert in clinical psychiatry; Dr. Mark Bauer, an expert in clinical psychiatry from the Veteran's Administration; Elizabeth Holmes, Ph.D., an expert in clinical psychology from the United States Naval Academy; Dr. James Bagian, a former NASA astronaut physician and an expert in aerospace medicine and patient safety from the Veteran's Administration; and Navy Capt. Paul M. DeLaney, an expert in medical legal matters and medical privacy legislation. Dr. Ellen Baker is a current NASA astronaut physician and will serve as a consultant to the team.

Dr. James M. Duncan, the NASA chief of Space Medicine at Johnson, and Wayne Frazier, an executive from NASA's Office of Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA Headquarters, Washington, will serve on the team in an ex officio capacity.

In June, the committee is expected to report their findings to NASA's Chief Health and Medical Officer, Dr. Richard S. Williams. Williams will review and report the committee's findings to NASA Administrator Michael Griffin.

For information about NASA's Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer, visit:

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