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Katherine Trinidad
Headquarters, Washington

James Hartsfield
Johnson Space Center, Houston

Sept. 20, 2006
Space Station Crews Brief Media on NASA TV
The NASA astronauts, Russian cosmonauts and spaceflight participant aboard the International Space Station will participate in a news conference at 9:25 a.m. EDT Friday, Sept. 22. The event will be broadcast live on NASA TV.

Reporters may ask questions from NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston; Kennedy Space Center, Fla.; and NASA Headquarters in Washington during the 20-minute conference. Media interested in participating should contact their preferred NASA location by 5 p.m. EDT Thursday.

Members of the 14th crew of the station, Expedition 14 Commander and NASA astronaut Mike Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, docked their Soyuz spacecraft at the station early Wednesday. With them is Spaceflight Participant Anousheh Ansari, a U.S. businesswoman visiting the complex for eight days under a commercial agreement with the Russian Federal Space Agency.

The new arrivals were greeted by the 13th station crew, Expedition 13 Commander Pavel Vinogradov, Flight Engineer Jeff Williams and European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Reiter. Vinogradov and Williams have been on the station since March. Reiter joined them in July, arriving on the Space Shuttle Discovery. Vinogradov, Williams and Ansari will undock from the station and land Sept. 28. Reiter will remain aboard, joining Lopez-Alegria and Tyurin for Expedition 14.

The station news conference may be rescheduled if the shuttle Atlantis' Thursday landing is delayed until Friday. For NASA TV streaming video, downlink and scheduling information, visit:

For more information on the International Space Station, visit:

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