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April 6, 2006
RELEASE : 06-180
Exploration Park to Host Space Technology and Commerce
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center announced Thursday its plan to seek private-sector partners to develop a space technology and commerce park to be named “Exploration Park at John F. Kennedy Space Center.”

The park is expected to attract tenants engaged in space technology, space commerce, space education and otherwise involved in promoting and implementing the Vision for Space Exploration. Exploration Park will be located along Space Commerce Way, behind the KSC Visitor Complex.

“Exploration Park will be a site where the private sector brings both traditional and non-traditional work to Kennedy Space Center in support of both our NASA programs and commercial space initiatives that find value in locating their operations here,” said KSC Director Jim Kennedy.

KSC expects to formally solicit development proposals soon. “This concept offers a front door at Kennedy Space Center for organizations that expect to be involved in NASA’s exploration activities, or for commercial ventures that seek to support the vision and develop low earth orbit,” said Spaceport Development Manager Jim Ball. “It’s also an ideal site for support services and other uses that require close proximity to KSC facilities and personnel.”

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