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J.D. Harringon/Allard Beutel
Headquarters, Washington
(Phone: 202/358-5241/4769)

September 25, 2005
RELEASE : 05-284
NASA Update to Rita Aftermath
This is the latest information about NASA facilities affected by hurricane Rita.

Johnson Space Flight Center:
  • There were no injuries.
  • Facility surveys show only minor building / ground damage. One minor roll-up door was blown off its tracks and a few trees were blown down.
  • Facilities are on utility power.
  • Potable water is restored.
  • Air conditioning systems are being brought on line as needed.
  • Employees are on admin leave until Tuesday since they may experience problems getting back into the Houston area.

    Michoud Assembly Facility:
  • Potable water issue is still being worked by MSFC. Facility won't have water from utility for some time.

    NASA's toll-free number for Johnson Space Center employees to check is 877/470-5240.

    NASA has a public Web site to convey important information for NASA employees and contractors impacted by Rita and Katrina at:

    NASA will provide new information and images as they become available. For updates, visit:

    For recorded updates about NASA operations and the conditions of the various facilities, call:


    NASA also can take email inquiries from the public about general storm-related activities. Use "Rita" in the subject line, and send to:


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