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June Malone
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.
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September 4, 2005
RELEASE : 05-255
NASA Update to Katrina Aftermath
This is the latest information about NASA facilities affected by hurricane Katrina.

Stennis Space Center:
  • The facility remains closed, but is open to essential employees only. Other employees should visit the NASA website or call in to report their current status
  • Emergency operations workers have Internet access. Work continues on the telephone and power systems
  • Supplies and equipment continue to arrive from various NASA centers
  • Administrative and disaster relief personnel are arriving as infrastructure permits

    Michoud Assembly Facility:
  • Helicopter crews will be swapped out today
  • The U.S. Army has established communications uplinks and Internet service is restored. Internet telephone services are being installed to increase communications capability
  • Surveys of the surrounding area continue for possible land transportation routes.
  • The facility's electrical grid appears to be intact and emergency crews continue to work with the local utility to restore electrical power
  • Air conditioning is now available in three buildings
  • The Emergency Operations Center is closely monitoring the water supply and exploring options for shipping more water to the site

    NASA's toll free telephone number for family members seeking information about people sheltering at Stennis and Michoud or for help trying to locate employees who work at either facility is:


    NASA has established a public Web site to convey important contact information to NASA employees and contractors impacted by Katrina and for general public information at:

    For Stennis/Michoud updates and images on the Web, visit:

    Members of the public who have general questions about NASA’s Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts can call:


    NASA can also take e-mail inquiries from the public about general storm recovery activities. Use "Assistance – Katrina" in the subject line, and send to:

    For recorded updates about NASA relief operations, call:



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