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May 27, 2005
Vision of Future Air Travel System Featured at Virginia Event
NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and industry partners will showcase forward looking aviation technology at SATS 2005: A Transformation of Air Travel, on Monday, June 6 at the regional airport in Danville, Va.

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and FAA Administrator Marion Blakey are expected to help kick off SATS 2005. The Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) is a demonstration of technologies and capabilities to complement airlines and allow small airplanes to use community airports to fly people from place to place, on demand.

SATS is a public-private partnership among NASA, the FAA and the National Consortium for Aviation Mobility (NCAM). The SATS demonstration will use six airplanes. The planes are equipped with advanced cockpit technologies and displays, to show how small planes can fly safely and efficiently, even in bad weather, into small airports that don't have radar or extensive ground aviation navigation systems.

New advanced small airplanes will also be in Danville, June 5-7, as will other aviation experts including NASA Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research, Dr. J. Victor Lebacqz, author James Fallows, heads of aviation manufacturing and air taxi companies.

For media credentials, contact NCAM's Colleen Robar at: or call: 313/394-0304; or register on the Web:


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