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Jessica Rye
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
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Jan. 28, 2005
Return To Flight Media Accreditation Under Way at KSC
News media who want Kennedy Space Center (KSC) credentials for NASA's Return to Flight Space Shuttle mission (STS-114), may submit requests via the new online accreditation Web site at:

News media accreditation deadlines: April 17 to cover the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test in late April; April 22 for the Return to Flight mission during the May 12 to June 3 planning launch window. Foreign nationals must submit requests no later than two weeks prior to events.

Once accreditation is approved, media will receive confirmation via e-mail. Badges will be available for pick up beginning April 19. Credentials will be honored for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test through STS-114 landing. News organizations will be limited to minimal numbers for Shuttle launch day activities.

Media with special logistic needs or requests, such as space for production or administration trailers, electrical connections or work-stations in the newsroom, must contact Kandy Warren ( by 3 p.m. EST, April 15. Work stations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Media wishing to set up temporary telephone, fax, ISDN or network lines must make arrangements with Bell South at: 800/213-4988. Media must have an assigned seat in the KSC newsroom prior to setting up lines. Media are required to have a public affairs escort to access any area at KSC, except the Launch Complex 39 cafeteria. For the latest information on NASA's Return to Flight efforts on the Internet, visit:


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