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Headquarters, Washington
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Marshall Space Flight Center, Ala.
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Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
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Nov. 12, 2004
Media Offered Unprecedented View Into Return To Flight Processing
NASA is offering news media an exciting day of opportunities at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla., Nov. 22 focusing on milestones for the Space Shuttles' Return to Flight.

Workshops, access and photo opportunities include a chance to view a segment of the Solid Rocket Booster moving into the Vehicle Assembly Building, stacking progress, and an unprecedented tour of three processing facilities.

To attend news media must contact the KSC Press Site at: 321/867-2468 by 4:30 p.m. EST Nov. 19. Space is limited. Access is granted on a first-requested basis and limited to two people per organization. The sessions will not be shown on NASA TV.

Media begin the day with a workshop at 8 a.m. EST at the KSC Press Site Auditorium with NASA Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Project Manager David Martin. He will discuss Return to Flight modifications and changes to the SRBs, including bolt catcher redesign efforts.

Media will then travel by bus to the Vehicle Assembly Building to see a segment of the right SRB moved into the building for stacking. Once inside, media will be escorted for a photo opportunity of the right aft booster and right aft center segment, signifying the beginning of stacking for the Space Shuttle Return to Flight mission, STS-114.

After lunch media will be guided through the facilities at KSC that process the SRBs, including Hangar AF, SRB recovery ships, Parachute Refurbishment Facility and the SRB Assembly Refurbishment Facility.

Media who do not possess KSC credentials should submit their request via the new online accreditation Web site at:

Media may also fax (321/867-2692) or e-mail: credential requests. Include the following information on organization letterhead:

– Full legal name
– Title
– Organization
– Address
– Telephone number
– Date of birth
– Place of birth
– Social security number
– Country of citizenship

Since the tour includes operational facilities that deal in hazardous materials, all who enter must be properly dressed in long pants and closed-toe shoes with low heels. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed.

For the latest information on NASA's Return to Flight efforts on the Internet, visit:


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