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April 6, 2004
RELEASE : 04-116
NASA Modifies Shared Services Center Competition
NASA announced a modification in the Public-Private Competition to operate the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC). The modification was announced after agency review of possible sites for the Center.

NASA's Deputy Administrator Fred Gregory said, "The exceptional quality and creativity of the site proposals caused us to reevaluate the selection process. NASA's goal is to ensure the Public-Private Competition is conducted in a fair and equitable manner in order to achieve maximum advantage to the taxpayer."

NASA's original assumption was one site would be materially superior to all others, and all of the NSSC service competitors would use the selected location. However, during the evaluation process, it became evident all of the nominations exceeded the technical standards set forth in the site nomination criterion and guidelines. After conclusion of the site evaluation, there was no clearly superior proposal that would be of greater benefit to NASA than the others.

NASA concluded the public-private competitors would be in a better position to specifically assess and capitalize on site selection if allowed to choose from all six locations. As part of the public-private process, NASA will allow competitors to incorporate one of the six eligible sites into their proposals. The six sites are in the vicinity of NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla.; Glenn Research Center, Cleveland; Johnson Space Center, Houston; Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.; Marshall Space Flight Center, Ala.; and Stennis Space Center, Miss.

The NSSC will perform a variety of consolidated transactional and administrative activities performed at Headquarters and Centers. The NSSC will be an efficient and effective organization that will perform high volume and routine activities. The NSSC will also perform activities that require specialized knowledge or expertise in human resources, information technology, procurement and finance.

On December 12, 2003, NASA announced the Public-Private Competition under OMB Circular A-76 for the NSSC Service Provider. A separate competitive process was initiated in December 2003, to select a site for the shared services center among the NASA field centers. Six proposals for the NSSC site selection process were received on January 30, 2004. NASA's Administrator and Deputy Administrator concluded visits to all six proposed sites during February/March 2004. NASA evaluated each of the six potential sites, and all where deemed acceptable locations for the NSSC.

Planned selection of the NSSC Service Provider and associated site under the A-76 Public-Private Competition will occur on or before June 2005. The draft Request for Proposal will be released for comment in May, and the final NSSC A-76 solicitation in July 2004. It will stipulate proposals must include one of the six sites NASA already has reviewed.

NASA will consult with each of the six agency site proposal teams to review the A-76 process, how the sites will be represented in the Request for Proposals, and any restrictions necessary to maintain procurement integrity. NASA will work directly with each center and their partners to provide for fair consideration of all six sites. The complete package of each proposer will be evaluated, and NASA will pick the best proposal for the NSSC.

Communities competing for the NSSC will need to revise their infrastructure proposals to reflect a later occupancy date at a specific location. NASA will work with the communities in the coming weeks and months to assist in understanding the A-76 competition process.

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