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Gretchen Cook-Andersen
Headquarters, Washington
(Phone: 202/358-0836)

October 2, 2003
RELEASE : 03-314
NASA Launches Bold New Recruitment Project
NASA recently created the Corporate Recruitment Initiative (CRI) to attract and maintain a work force capturing the full potential of U.S. diversity, and to address the national need for a new generation skilled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In September the agency began hosting a series of events called "NASA Awareness Days," on college and university campuses. NASA has a five-year plan for the CRI and an integrated, agency-wide approach to human capital management, coordinated by the Offices of Education, Human Resources, and Equal Opportunity Programs. The goal of the initiative is to attract a diverse workforce with the technical competencies needed to accomplish NASA's challenging missions.

The CRI will focus efforts to recruit individuals with education in Systems Engineering, Test Engineering, Mission Assurance, Human Factors, Nuclear Engineering, Integration Engineering, Design and Development Engineering, Quality Engineering and Assurance, Business Management, and Mission Execution. CRI will link the agency's many student research and grant programs while leveraging NASA's networks with minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities to maximize work force diversity.

NASA expects the CRI will strengthen the agency's college recruitment program; increase awareness of and interest in NASA education and employment opportunities; use work force analysis as a foundation for NASA-wide recruitment; and partner with professional, scientific research and education organizations for minority, women, and individuals with disabilities, to enhance interest and participation in NASA career opportunities.

By November 18, teams of NASA representatives, including NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe, Deputy Administrator Frederick D. Gregory, and Associate Deputy Administrator for Institutions and Asset Management James Jennings, will have met with students from approximately 40 institutions.

To view the list of the campuses for "NASA Awareness Days," on the Internet, visit:

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For Information about NASA's Office of Equal Opportunity Programs on the Internet, visit:


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