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Media Invited To Document Columbia Recovery Field Search

Glenn Mahone/Doc Mirelson
Headquarters, Washington
(Phone: 202/358-1600)

Eileen Hawley
Johnson Space Center, Houston
(Phone: 281/483-5111)

Kelly Humphries
Lufkin Command Center, Texas
(Phone: 936/699-1019)

Mike Ferris
U.S. Forest Service
(Phone: 903/641-3717)

March 5, 2003



News media representatives are invited to document Space Shuttle Columbia debris recovery team activities Friday, March 7, 2003.

Reporters will meet with a search crew and follow their activities as they prepare to go into the field near Corsicana, Texas. Media will accompany the search crew into its designated operational area and have the opportunity to conduct interviews with team members.

To participate media should contact the Joint Information Center (JIC) at Lufkin, Texas, no later than noon CST Thursday, March 6. Call the JIC at: 936/699-1019 or 936/699-1094. Send fax requests to the JIC at: 936/631-3773.

Media will receive specific instructions on where to meet their team. If the demand for the opportunity exceeds the JIC’s ability to support the operation, media pools may be required.

The opportunity is expected to last approximately four hours. Participating media are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing, including sturdy boots, long pants, jackets and rain gear (if weather conditions warrant). While in the field, media representatives will be expected to follow the safety directions of the search crew and stay with the team escorts.

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