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NASA Selects Colorado Organization to Operate GLOBE Program

Elvia Thompson
Headquarters, Washington
(Phone: 202/358-1696)

Mark Hess
Goddard Space Fligth Center, Greenbelt, Md.
(Phone: 301/286-8955)

Feb. 28, 2003

RELEASE: 03-087

NASA is selecting the offer of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Boulder, Colo., for operation of GLOBE.

GLOBE is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based education and science program. A Federal interagency program in partnership with colleges and universities, state and local school systems, and non-government organizations leads it. Internationally, GLOBE is a partnership between the United States and 100 other countries.

"GLOBE has contributed to the improvement of student achievement in science and mathematics of over a million children around the world; it has also assembled a promising data base of Earth science measurements for Earth system research," said GLOBE Program Manager Dixon Butler. "NASA looks forward to working with UCAR to grow and strengthen the program, so that it will unite many more of the world's children in their efforts to understanding our constantly changing planet," he said.

"This selection represents a demonstration of NASA's commitment to the President's Management Agenda, a competitive sourcing selection based on the high qualifications of UCAR and Colorado State University, and the expertise they bring to the table," said Ron Birk, Director of NASA's Earth Science Applications Division.

UCAR is primarily located in Boulder and the headquarters of GLOBE will be moved to UCAR facilities there. The principal investigator is Dr. Jack Fellows of UCAR. The key partner in this offer, Colorado State University, will have responsibilities for GLOBE's information systems including the GLOBE web site, and for education including the development of new, classroom-ready materials.

NASA's Office of Earth Science issued a Cooperative Agreement Notice soliciting offers for operation of GLOBE on October 15, 2002. Fourteen offers were received and reviewed by a panel of experts.

The total value of the effort is approximately $26 million. UCAR and its partners are expected to secure additional support to expand the benefits of GLOBE nationally and internationally. The period of performance is through September 2008.


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