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02.07.03 NASA Buoyancy Laboratory, Space Vehicle Mockup Facility Contract Awarded

NASA today awarded a contract with a potential total value of $78.97 million to support activities at the Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and Space Vehicle Mockup Facility to Raytheon Technical Services of Houston.

The two-year base period for the contract is valued at $32.9 million with three one-year options valued at a total of $46.07 million.

The NBL/SVMF Operations Contract will support the Extravehicular Activities (spacewalk) Office, operating, maintaining and providing sustaining engineering for these facilities. The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is used to support astronaut training for spacewalks using underwater mockups and pressurized suits to simulate the weightless environment of space. Full-scale mockups in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility are used to train astronauts for spaceflight.

The principle place of performance of work under this contract is at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.