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Solid Rocket Motor NASA/Industry Overview Committee Members and Summary of Responsibilities



Solid Rocket Motor Team Overview Committee


In support of the solid rocket motor redesign, the MSFC center director named an overview commit" tee of NASA and industry executives to independently review the design activities. Dr. Allan Norton, Vice President of Martin Marietta/Orlando Aerospace, was asked to serve as chairman of the committee, and John Young was appointed as the representative from the Astronaut Office.

This overview committee has actively participated in the redesign effort and has made specific recommendations concerning redesign approaches; development, qualification, and certification test requirements; and control of the production process to ensure the availability of a reliable and safe design.

The committee has recommended programmatic approaches that should be considered in accomplishing the redesign and associated tasks in a responsible and timely manner.



Solid Rocket Motor Team Overview Committee


Allan Norton, Chairman
Vice President, Electronic Systems
Martin Marietta/Orlando Aerospace
Michael Card
Chief, Structures and Dynamics Division
NASA Langley Research Center
Henry Pohl
Director, Engineering
NASA Johnson Space Center
Maxine Faget
President and Chief Executive
Space Industries, Incorporated
Charles Feltz
Former President
STS Development and Production Division
Rockwell International
Leonard Harris
Chief of Engineering for Office of
Aeronautics and Space Technology
NASA Headquarters
Horace Lamberth
Director and Vice President
Shuttle and Ground Support Engineering
Lockheed Space Operations Corporation
Adrian O'Neal
Vice President and General Manager
McDonnell Douglas Corp., Huntsville
Dominic Sanchini
President, Rocky Flats Plant
Rockwell International
Samuel Tennant
Vice President, Programs Group
Aerospace Corporation
David L. Winterhalter
Director, Systems Engineering and
Analysis Directorate
NASA Headquarters
John Young
Special Assistant for Engineering,
Operations, and Safety
NASA Johnson Space Center

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