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Siegfried Kessler

Journal Contributor Siegfried Kessler writes:

My first contact with Apollo was in July 1969. I was 11 years old. My father woke me up about midnight to watch the first step of Neil Armstrong in the TV. I felt two things: I was proud to share this historical moment with millions of other people around the world, and I was happy to do it with my father.

After that, Apollo was my hobby. I collected all the information, pictures and reports about it that I could find. Mainly, I was very interested in the technique behind the Apollo Program. But it was quite difficult to get good information about it in Germany. That is the reason why my hobby slept for a while.

Siegfried Kessler In the meantime, I learned some things for my life : Toolmaker (1972), Designer (1981) and IT-specialist for CAD/CAM (1987). The best thing I have ever done was to marry my wife Conny (1979) to start a family. The best gifts in my life are my three sons.

And then, the internet came up. You can not imagine what I felt when I have put the words "Apollo 11" in the search engine! All the information I ever wanted, I found : Reports, drawings, press kits and sounds. It will take a long time to read and (maybe) understand all this information.

One of the first sites I visited was the fantastic ALSJ by Eric M. Jones. Shortly after my first contact with Eric, I had the opportunity to work on the ALSJ - creating Apollo 16 audio-files. This is a small step for the ALSJ, but it's a big step for me!

(Photo by Daniel Kessler.)