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J.L. Pickering

Journal Contributor J.L. Pickering writes:

I was born 1957 - the year of Sputnik - so I have always felt I had some sort of pre-destined association with the space program. I do not really remember becoming seriously interested in space activities until the Apollo 1 fire. Even as a 10-year old, I can remember this event and the associated news coverage being of tremendous interest. I guess you have to start somewhere.

As I followed Apollo thru the flight phase, I became most interested in the ground operations at KSC. I took that first memorable trip to the Cape in late 1970 and was treated to the sight of Apollo 14 at Pad 39A. A second trip in 1971 enabled me to view Apollo 16 at Pad 39A.....both trips I will never forget. I also made the trip down for the final Saturn launch in 1975 (ASTP). Since the 1970's, I have been to KSC at least 25 times.

As a bonus on more recent trips to the Cape area, I have had the great pleasure of becoming acquainted on a first name basis with many of the key Apollo launch team members.

Over the years I have built up a considerable archive of NASA 8x10 images, with an emphasis on pre-flight material. This pursuit has led me across the country to many of the NASA centers in an attempt to locate those images that are rarely seen. It has been great to have the opportunity to share some of my finds thru these websites.

Forgot to mention my real life.....I am married with three kids and live in the midwest. I work for Lab Corp performing billing and insurance duties.

15 March 2001

J.L. Pickering

This is yours truly attending (and photographing)
the ASTP MSS rollback the night before launch.

J.L. and Dan Goldin

This is a shot of me and my 'good friend' Dan Goldin
at a Shuttle launch around 1995.

J.L. and Skip Chauvin

This is me with Skip Chauvin.
Skip is most remembered as the lead CSM test conductor
at KSC during Apollo.