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Ed Hengeveld

Ed HengeveldBorn in 1956, Ed Hengeveld is a spaceflight historian who lives with his wife and son in the Netherlands, where he works for the Dutch television news. He has written numerous articles for Spaceflight and Quest, as well as for various Dutch newspapers and magazines.

His interest in spaceflight began with the Apollo-8 mission around the moon in 1968 and has grown ever since. In 1981 he was at the Kennedy Space Center to witness the launch of STS-1 and he was also present at the Dryden Flight Research Center when Columbia landed there two days later. While at Dryden, he also met various people involved in the X-15 and lifting body progams, resulting in a special interest in this area of flight research.

Ed Hengeveld is a member of the British Interplanetary Society. In his spare time he enjoys painting, especially scenes from the Apollo program. His paintings have been published in various magazines around the world and his portrait of the twelve moonwalking astronauts earned him praise from Apollo-12 lunar module pilot Al Bean, himself an artist. Astronauts Dick Covey and John Glenn own portraits of themselves, painted by Ed Hengeveld.

Journal Contributor Ed Hengeveld writes: The photo of me in an Apollo-type suit was made here in the Netherlands. The replica suit was made by Philipp van Stratum, a model maker who specializes in space models and has also made several spacesuits, US and Russian. It gave me a good feel of what it must have been like to work in that suit.

Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection
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