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Mauro Freschi

Mauro and Margarita Freschi

Mauro y Margarita Freschi


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in October of 1956; my parents are of Veneto, Italy. As a boy, my passion was the development of the space era. From 14 years of age, I was devoted to photography, first, as an apprentice and then as a professional. For 11 years it was my great passion. Since 1981, I have worked in the family company, manufacturing injection molds for plastics. At this time we are enabling a system of CAD/CAM for the best development in our work.

My hobby is to make models of astronautical objects and old automobiles; and, of course, my old passion for photography continues. I am married, from 1982, with Margarita Brzobohaty who helps me with my pictures.

Sad news

Mauro's close friend, Ricardo Salamé Páez, tells us that Mauro died in Italy on 13 October 2011. For the previous two years, Mauro had been fighting a rare liver disease and was in Italy for treatment. Ricardo writes, "For me, he was sometimes a brother and sometimes a father figure. His death is a loss for the space amateur historians community and for the Venezuelan scale modeller community."


Mauro Freschi's Eternal Moment

Eternal Moment


Mauro Freschi's Visor Reflection

Visor Reflection