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Erwin D'Hoore

Journal Contributor Erwin D'Hoore writes:

I still remember the moment when, on the midday news bulletin, I heard that for the first time a man had travelled in space and circled the earth once. A man with a then unfamiliar name : Gagarin.

Erwin D'Hoore I then started collecting newspaper articles and other documentation on the subject of space flight, which turned out very helpful during my school years in the 60's when space travel was a hot topic.

I became a computer programmer in the early 70's and now work as a consultant.

As a long standing member of the British Interplanetary Society, I have an extensive library and, with all that resource, I give occassionaly lectures about space exploration to interested children in schools.

I was born in 1950 in Belgium where I still live.

March 2006

Editor's Note: In February 2006, Erwin made his very first anaglyph and, since then, has contributed a large number of beautiful creations, many from adjacent frames of the panoramas taken by the astronauts. The anaglyphs are sprinkled thru the various Image Libraries. Befitting his contribution, here is a stereo portrait.

Erwin D'Hoore in stereo