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Karl Dodenhoff

Karl writes:

Karl D. Dodenhoff, RN (Registered Nurse)
DOB: 25 March 1957
Residence: Dighton, Massachusetts
Education: Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University
Associates Degree in Nursing, Sinclair Community College.

I am a retired US Air Force Technical Sargeant. This was such a big chunk of my life (20 years) that I want to let people know about it. I got the "Space Bug" when I was in third grade, when they stopped class to watch some coverage of the Gemini 6 & 7 rendezvous. I grew up with Apollo and, to me, there will never be anything like that program again. I now call myself an amateur space historian, and have built up a web site about the moon race, called My Little Space Museum. Karl Dodenhoff I've attached a pic of me. I've always called this one "Me in heaven!", because I love Apollo so much and the LM is my favorite piece of it.