Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal


Dave's Station 8 Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 1996 by Eric M. Jones.
All rights reserved.
Last revised 9 April 2007.


Dave's ALSEP pan (assembly by Mike Constantine) consists of frames AS15-92- 12420 to 12438. Constantine has also produced a VR version.

Frame 12420 is a down-Sun toward the Central Station. Note the drill loop at the bottom of the frame.

Frame 12421 shows the Central Station, Solar Wind Spectrometer, Magnetometer, Heat Flow Electronics, SIDE/CCIG, and drill-stem rack.

Frames 12424 to 12426, show Jim digging the trench.

In frame 12424, Jim is standing wide-legged with the scoop in the trench in front of him. Mt. Hadley is in the background.

In frame 12425, Jim tosses a scoopful of dirt back between his legs. Note the well-defined blob of dirt that has just left the scoop head and the Velcro strip on the raised cover of Jim's thigh pocket. Note, also, that Jim has his side visors extended.

In frame 12426, Jim has started another stroke with the scoop.

Frames 12427 and 12428 are up-Sun views toward the Swann Range. Note the darkened footprints and Rover tracks are darkened.

In frame 12429 , the LM at the upper right.

Frame 12430 is an up-Sun photo of the LM with numerous patches of darkened soil

Frames 12431 and 12432 show Silver Spur. Note that the major lineations on Silver Spur are still visible.

Frame 12433 shows the back of the Rover. Note that the gate is open and is hinged on the left side.

Frame 12434 is a view across the Rover seats with St. George in the background at the right. This picture gives us a good view of the handcontroller and the short wrist-support pad directly aft of it.

Frame 12435 shows the map holder and the Data Acquisition Camera (DAC).

Frame 12436shows the high-gain antenna and sighting scope, and the TV which is pointed at Jim.


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