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Station G Trench

Trenches were dug with a vertical wall facing the Sun to determine the soil's ability to maintain a vertical face and to reveal any possible layering.

Shepard: "I've got a trench here.  It's going fairly easily, but I need the extension handle (which Ed is using at the moment) to get it deeper so, we'll wait 'til Ed's through with that.  I'm cutting into the rim of a crater which is approximately, oh, say 6 meters in diameter, has a depth of about three-quarters of a meter ... The trench is going through at least three layers that I can see.  The fine-grain surface, dark browns; then, a layer of what appears to be quite a bit of glass; and then, a third layer of some very light material.  And, we should be able to sample all three of these."
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Anaglyph by Eric van Meijgaarden
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