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Yuri Krasilnikov

Yuri Krasilnikov

I was born in 1954 in a small Russian town, so I was 15 when Apollo 11 made its famous landing. Soviet newspapers and radio didn't say much about Apollo flights, but Voice of America, BBC and some other foreign radio stations filled this information gap. Some years later I saw a real Apollo CM at an exhibition 'Tourism and Recreation in USA' in Moscow. I always wondered what the organizers of that exhibition thought about the Apollo program - was it tourism or recreation? So I knew about Apollo and had even seen one of the spaceships. From that time, I have kept an interest in this achievement in space exploration, made 'for all mankind', as Neil Armstrong said.

Some years ago, some people were saying that Apollo was a great fake - even here in Russia. So I took part in creating a debunking Internet page (in Russian) called "Have Americans been on the Moon?".

Now I live and work in the Moscow region.

April 2009