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Photographic Film

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Apollo 11 Photography Index, 70mm and 16mm
Apollo 12 Photography, 70-mm, 16-mm, and 35-mm Frame Index
Apollo 14 Lunar Photography, Part 1
Apollo 14 Lunar Photography, Part 2
Apollo 15 Index of 70-mm Photographs
Apollo 17 Index (of) 70-mm, 35-mm, and 16mm Photographs

Film Used by the LM Crews

Color Film
B&W Film
Apollo 11
SO-168, High-speed color exterior (HCEX), Ektachrome MS, high-speed color reversal; ASA 160 for surface and interior photography; no filter required; exposed and eveloped at ASA 160.
Type 3400, Panatomic-X, ASA 80.
Apollo 12
SO-267, Plus-XX, high-speed black-and-white, thin-base film, ASA 278
Apollo 14
Apollo 15
SO-168 Type 3401, Plus-XX, high-speed black-and-white, ASA 80-125
Apollo 16 (presumed same as A15 and A17)
(SO-168) (Type 3401)
Apollo 17
SO-168 Type 3401

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