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Recent Updates and Additions

These are updates that have been made to the Apollo Flight Journal in recent months.


All the HTML files on the Apollo Flight Journal have had their file extension changed from '.htm' to '.html' as part of a programme to harmonise with the Surface Journal.


The Apollo Flight Journal website is restructured to place all journals within the 'afj' folder hierarchy.


The beginnings of an Apollo 13 Flight Journal are added. With many thanks to Alexander Turanhov.


A selection of CSM training documents were scanned from microfiche and donated to the AFJ by journal contributor David Carey.


Apollo 7 Flight Journal is added. With many, many thanks to Rob McCray.


When the AFJ started, it consisted only of the A15FJ. Now that it has significantly been extended, four pages that should be in the portal have been moved there; the Foreword, Bibliography, Preparation notes and Acknowledgements.


Many thanks to Doug Bennett for pointing our a few typos in Lunar Orbit Rendezvous essay.
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