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1,623 Panoramic Camera frames exposed (1,580 in lunar orbit, 17 post TEI)

3,298 Mapping Camera frames exposed (2,350 exposed over lit area's, 938 exposed over dark area's in support of the laser altimeter experiment)

SIM Bay door jettisoned: 75:09:32.1 MET

TEC EVA performed by Ronald Ellwin Evans (CMP)

Commenced:254:54:40 MET
Finished:256:00:24 MET


SIM Bay door jettison

The following transcript has been extracted form the Apollo 17 Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transcript MSC-07629 covering the period of the SIM Bay door jettison.

03 09 21 51 CMP Coming on. MAPPING CAMERA going to STANDBY.

03 09 22 06 CC Okay; STANDBY on the NAP CAMERA.

CMP Okay. I'm waiting your cue for PAN CAMERA POWER, to POWER.

CC Roger. We're still locking up on the data. We'll give you a cue.

03 09 23 3_ CC Okay, Jack. You have our cue for PAN CAMERA POWER to POWER.

03 09 23 51 CMP Okay. PAN CAMERA going to POWER.

03 09 2_ 13 CMP Okay, Gordo. We're in the SIM bay door Jett attitude.

CC Roger.

03 09 26 17 CMP PAN CAMERA POWER is going to BOOST.

CC Roger.

03 09 29 1_ CMP Oh, down there. Oh.

CMP Me to you.

03 09 30 06 CMP Okay, Houston . I'm in VOX now. Do you read?

CC Yes, sir. You're loud and clear.

03 09 30 16 CMP Okay. On panel 181, the LOGIC POWER MAIN A, MAIN B circuit breakers are CLOSED.

CC Roger.

03 09 30 26 CMP Okay. LOGIC POWER number 1 is going to JETT, number 2 to JETT. Standing by for your Go, Houston.

CC Okay. Stand by.

CMP Okay.

CC Okay, America , you're...

CMP What happens now is...

03 09 30 48 CC ...Go to jett the SIM bay door.

CMP Okay, Jack, let me know when you've got the camera ready.

03 09 31 02 CDR Okay, Houston. You say we are Go to Jett the SIM bay down a little early, huh?

CC Well, stand by. I think we're backing down here. Stand by 1 second.

CDR Okay.

03 09 31 39 CMP No. I checked it at one frame.

CDR Might check it.

03 09 31 46 CC Okay, America. Once again, you're Go to Jett the door, and you can do it early, if you wish.

CDR Okay, Gordo. We'll do it on - on Ron's mark down there.

CC Okay.

LMP Hey, Houston. You know this attitude - this attitude has the Sun right into window 5. It's probably going to be on the lens of the camera. I'll - I'll try to shade it the best I can, but I don't have an awful lot of hope for these pictures.

CC Roger.

CDR I think we're probably stuck with it, Jack, because we need to be in this right attitude, for the clearance and

CMP Okay. SIM door Jett 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

03 09 32 51 CMP JETT. Oh, I got a good bang. You see it, Jack?

03 09 33 O0 LMP Houston, there it goes, I got it out the hatch window and it looks like it was a clean jett. It's rolling and pitching and yawing, slightly. There is a lot of garbage that came out with it.

CMP Can you take a picture, Gene?

CDR Let me see it.

CMP Ah - ah (laughter).

CDR You take a picture. Yes, there it goes.

CDR Hello, Houston. How do you read?

CMP It's really...

CC Sounded good.

CDR Okay. Did you get the word we got a clean Jett?

CC That's right, Geno. Sounds good.

03 09 33 56 CDR Okay. The door's moving - the door's moving directly away from us, mostly rolling. And it looks like it was a very clean - clean separation.

CC Okay. CMP Yes. Boy, we got a good bang out of it. You could hear that - that pyro going, I think. It's rotating at about 5 - or one revolution per 5 seconds.

CC Roger.

CMP And it's rotating - what, about the long axis? Yes. Rotating about the long axis.

03 09 34 58 CDR Houston, the garbage that I said went with it was Just a small amount of debris, I'm sure around the sealant pyro area. There was one, oh, about a 4-foot-length piece of, oh, i or 2 inch tapelike material that also went out with it.

CC Roger, Gene.

LMP (Laughter) Okay. What do we do with these LOGIC POWER switches? Don't they go back to OFF now?

03 09 35 28 CMP DOOR JETT's OFF, down.


The Command Module Pilot (CMP) performed a transearth coast extravehicular activity, televised to Earth, during which he retrieved the lunar sounder film, panoramic camera, and mapping camera cassettes in three trips to the scientific instrument module bay.

Film Cassette Retrieval EVA Timeline

The following transcript has been extracted from the Apollo 17 Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transcript MSC-07629 covering the period of Trans-Earth Coast EVA.

CDR Okay. We'll pick that up when he starts to move.

CDR Okay. We'll pick that up when he starts to move.

CDR Okay. We'll pick that up when he starts to move. Okay, gage, rain and leave in the vent position. Pull the handle.

10 14 50 57 CMP Okay.

CDR Leave in vent. Leave in vent.

10 14 51 O0 CMP Okay.

CDR Okay. Verify helmet and gloves locked.

10 14 51 07 CMP Okay .... smooth. Here, I need the - get that down.

CDR Okay.

10 14 51 10 CMP ... there. Okay, lock locked.

CDR Hey, babe; you looked good when you went by me.

CMP (Laughter) Okay.

CDR Just stay that way.

CMP We'll stay that way.

CDR Okay. Houston , we're standing by for your Go.

10 14 51 29 CC You are Go.

CDR Okay, Ron. Hear the note.

CMP Okay.

CDR EVA warning tone may come on momentarily during the ...depress.

CMP Okay.

CDR Jack, are you ready?

CDR Okay, babe. When you get out there, just take it nice and slow and easy. You got all day long.

CMP Yes, that's right. It's not like the zero-g airplane. Okay, gage, rain and leave in the vent position. Pull the handle.

CDR Feel yourself around, and it's nice and easy to get around. Just don't let your body start moving too fast down there. Okay. Side hatch is coming open slowly.

CMP There's a valve ...

CDR Valve? I can't see the gage, but I know we're coming down.


CDR Houston, can you give me a hack at approaching 3.25?

CC That's affirmative. We will.

CDR Okay.

10 14 52 52 CDR Okay. That's 0 2 FLOW HIGH, as expected.

CMP Okay. And that's - oh, about 3.95.

CDR Okay.

10 14 53 14 CDR Coming down a little faster, Houston.

CC Roger. We're watching.

CDR Okay.

CDR And, Ron...

10 14 53 46 CC Okay. You're 3.4 right now - 3.4, Gene.

CDR - - when you get to the SIM bay, go around...

CDR 0kay. Okay...

10 14 53 53 CC 3.3, closing.

CDR - - ... get your feet in the - Oh, okay. Yes, will do. Get your feet in the golden shoes, and then you can do anything. But get them there first. Okay, 3.25. 02 FLOW indicator is off scale low. Ok, can you verify our suit pressure down there?

10 14 54.16 CC Roger. We're - you're locked up. Suit press, 3.8.

CDR Okay, very good. We're coming on the way open. Going to zero. You guys ready? Here we go.

CMP Okay. I don't change. I'm already there. (Laughter)

10 14 54 32 CDR Yes, but Jack and I are coming up.

CMP Yes, I know.

10 14 54 47 CDR Okay, we're coming up.

CDR Okay.

LMP Nice day for an EVA, Ron. Go out and have a good time.

CMP Yes, it ought to be pretty good out there. I ... - -

CDR Okay, we're coming off the ...

CMP I just need that one visor down, don't I?

CDR No, you need your Sun visor down, too. Bring it - one is protective, and the other is the Sun.

CMP It is? Well, it looks dark out there. Can't even see.

CDR Well, use your own judgment. If - if you're in the shade, you won't need it. But if you're in the Sun, you ought to have it down.

CMP Okay.

10 14 55 44 CDR Okay, Jack. I'm at 2.8 and coming up.

LMP Okay.

CDR Well, let's open her up a little more.

10 14 56 31 CDR Okay, the valve's all the way open. And I'm 3.5.

10 14 56 37 LMP Okay, I'm still reading about 3.82, now.

10 14 56 45 CDR 02 FLOW HIGH light is off. Okay. Wait until we're stable, Ron, and we'll be with you.

CMP Okay.

10 14 57 00 CDR Jack, it looks like I'm peaking out at – peaking out about 3.75. How you looking? Okay, Ron. You’re 3.7 to 4.0?

10 14 57 08 CMP Yes, I'm reading 3.8.

CDR Okay. EVA station pressure gage still up?

CMP EVA station pressure gage - it's ... I can't see it. Okay. Still - yes, about one-third...

CDR Okay.

CMP - - third ... there ....

CDR You do not have a tone, right?

10 14 57 25 CMP No tone.

CDR Okay, can you get panel 3, S-BAND AUX TV to TV?

10 14 57 32 CMP (Laughter) Okay.

CDR If you can do it.

CMP ... the old jett bag in the way here. Okay, TV is going up to TV.

CDR You got it?

10 14 57 45 CMP Yes.

CDR Okay. I've got lines on the monitor, and he's doing - the CDR's going ... PTT.

CC Roger, CDR.

CDR Okay, Ron. We're ready for the hatch opening. The lock pin release knob, unlock.

10 14 58 05 CMP Okay. Lock pin release knob, the one on the side. Push it down to yellow, right?

CDR Unlock indicator release, white goes to yellow.

CMP White goes to yellow. Okay.

CDR Gear box selector, unlatch.

10 14 58 14 CMP Gear box selector to unlatch.

CDR Actuator handle, unlatch.

10 14 58 19 CMP Actuator handle to unlatch.

CDR Unstow actuator handle.

10 14 58 23 CMP Okay. We'll unstow the old actuator handle.

CDR And the hatch is yours. Unlock it.

CMP Okay, here we go. 1, 2, 3, - Oop! I got a hold of it. And a bunch of ... going out there. (Laughter) Lost the - Oh, there goes the pen. Yes, ... (Laughter) Okay. It was a felt-tip pen. No scissors. (Laughter)

CDR Say, Ron. You want to - actuator handle select lock to L.

10 14 59 21 CMP Okay, wait a minute. Actuator handle to latch. Okay, she's stowed. Yes, it's stowed in there. There it is, okay. There we go.

CDR Okay, now it's stowed.

CMP Now it's stowed.

CDR Okay. Gear box selector to latch.

10 14 59 46 CMP Gear box selector is latched.

CDR Okay, and you and Jack can both lo - lower your inner visors.

10 14 59 53 CMP Okay, inner visor's lowered.

LMP Okay.

CMP That's the ... - -

CDR Okay. Open hatch slowly, and verify that our hex clears.

[Ron Evans opens the Command Module main hatch.]
CMP Verify the what? Oh, the hex. Yes. It's a good thing I hung on to it, or it would have been open by itself .... Now you're going in - here, let me ... a little bit. Now it's got it.

10 15 00 39 CDR Okay, Houston. The hatch is open.

CC Roger, America.

CMP Almost.

CMP Hey, there's the Earth, right up ahead.

CDR Okay, Ron. You've got a - -

CMP The crescent Earth.

CDR You've got a GO for egress.

CMP Beautiful.

CDR And just take it slow.

CMP Okay. First of all, I got to get back in, and get the old TV camera. 0op. Yes. That's right. I don't even know where the Sun is. Which way is the Sun? Okay, yes. Sun's on the right. Okay.

10 15 01 42 CDR Okay, Houston . Ron's putting the camera out there on the pole now - pole out there, rather.

CC Roger. We see the EVA light out there.

CMP ... stay lower?

CDR Okay.

CMP Man, that Sun is bright. Whoooo!

CDR Pull down that visor, Ron. You're going to need it.

CMP Yes.

CDR Not the metal one, unless you really need it.

CMP No, I don't want the metal one.

CDR No, just get the gold one. That's all you need.

CMP I'm trying to - -

10 15 02 20 CDR Okay, you're clear back here.

10 15 02 26 CMP Oh, man. We're about to get the old TV pole in and lined up. Locked in there. Oh, oh, forgot to turn the camera on. You have it back? The - sequence, yes. Yes, let me just get on up in the...

CDR You're a long way from home. We don't want to lose you.

CMP Okay .... Hey, I think I hear it buzzing. How's the TV picture, Houston?

CC Really great, Ron. Looks great.

CMP Okay. Hey, I see what you were talking about, Gene, on this blister. Something has really blistered on it. Like Quad Alfa. There's a good one? Okay.

10 15 03 47 CMP Guess we're cleared to go down and get the old - the old lunar sounder cassette, huh?

CDR Okay.

CMP Okay. Man, I got my foot hooked to something. Which way do I need to go? There we go. Okay. Okay. How's that? Okay. Forward? Go now? Am I clear?

Video Clip (6.34mb)

CDR You're clear, babe. Go.

10 15 04 48 CMP-EVA Okay. Hot-diggety-dog!

10 15 04 51 CDR Okay. Did you see him? He's out.

CC Roger.

CMP-EVA Am I on the tube?

CC That's affirmative.


CC Outstanding quality picture, Ron.

CMP-EVA Did you see me wave?

CC That's affirmative.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) Okay. Beautiful] Hey, the paint on here is just a - it's a silver paint - and it's just little blisters on it, is all. You just kind of peel it off with your fingers. Yes, it rolled off the other way. Yes, I can see the Moon back behind me! Beautiful! The Moon is down there to the right - full Moon - and off to the left, just outside the hatch down here, is a crescent Earth. Maybe I can get a picture of that - the Earth as I'm coming back in there. But the crescent Earth is not like a crescent Moon. It's got kind of like horns, and the horns go all the way around, and it makes almost three-quarters of a circle. Hey, that last mapping camera retract must have worked because the door is closed - everything is closed on it.

CDR Okay, Ron, you did get the camera? Right? The DAC ON?

CMP-EVA Yes. Okay, DAC's working.

10 15 06 37 CDR Okay, you're GO to transfer to SIM bay and get in the foot restraints.

CMP-EVA Okay. Here's a piece of the thermal blanket from the - from the SIM door Jett. Hey, Houston, they're just kind of laying there underneath the EVA handle.

CC Roger. We see it. Confirm.

CMP-EVA Okay. But it's a pretty clean cut from the SIM bay itself. That's just a piece of that thermal blanket that's sticking around there. Man, it's black off this other way! The pan camera lens is all stowed.

CMP-EVA (Humming) Okay. (Humming)

10 15 08 05 CMP-EVA Hey, almost had my foot in there, then the cable was between my foot - Can you? Okay, I'm having a little trouble, right now, just torquing down to get my foot in the foot restraint, for some reason. -- Yes. No, not yet. Okay. Okay, the right one's in. And the left one's in. Hey, pretty stable right here. Let go of both hands? See?

CC Roger. We see you waving.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) Hey, this is great! Talk - talk about being a spaceman, this is it! Okay, back to work! My feet are a little stiffer, I think, or something than - than normal. Okay, let's try the old - Ah-ha, the ... is still there! Okay, here's the pan cassette cover and - Oops, there it goes. Okay, before we do anything else here, I guess I better - better hook the old tether on the thing. Okay, tether is on. And she's locked. Okay. It is behind my back? Oh, okay. It's nice and white down here. The UV cover's closed real well. Doesn't seem to be any ... at all on the white face, on the UV or the IR. Everything is in good shape. Looks like part of that - Oh, the cork insulation - chipped off again down here in the corner - in the corner that I'm looking at. Okay, let's try the old cassette. We'll push down on it until it goes past center. Ah-ha! I think that was more than 2 pounds of force to come out, but it came out. And got the film.

[Ron Evans is retrieving the Lunar Sounder film cassette.]
10 15 11 40 CMP-EVA Okay, she's locked in there. These EVA handholds are - Hey, the foot just came out - okay - the EVA handholds are - okay, got them free - are rougher than - What was that? I just ... Oh, that was my pocket, okay. And it creates a torque when I cut - when I let go of that pocket, there, I let go with a little bit of a force, and the force has a tendency to throw your feet way up in the air. (Humming)

CDR Keep talking, Ron. I'm walking that one with you.

CMP-EVA Okay. Coming right back. Oh, my feets are bouncing up in the air again. Shouldn't be any - Yes, can you do it? No. Ooooh. Hope I don't hit the end and bounce up again. Yes. See, you twist yourself down there, and then you got to twist to stop, or - or it - you hit - you hit the end and you bounce back up in the air again. Okay, there comes some of the paint. Oh, we'll get attached to the thing on there, before I take mine off. Okay, here comes the old cassette. That - yes - that close enough, Jack, or you want a little closer? Okay. Yes .... Yes, hook them ... anyway. Okay, and you got the old lunar sounder cassette.

10 15 14 19 CDR Okay, Ron, you're GO to get the pan camera.

CMP-EVA Pan camera's next, huh?

CDR We got a couple of hard and soft covers, don't forget.

CMP-EVA Yes, yes, there's a couple of covers on there. You know, the old EVA pole, I thought when I was looking at that the other day - it depended on what kind of light you're in - it looked like it was burned a little bit. And, sure enough, it is. Okay, let's see, now, which way did I turn on this thing. I'm still backwards down here. What the beck? (Humming)

CMP-EVA Okay, well, we need to get that big old pan camera. (Humming) Oops.

10 15 15 48 CMP-EVA Okay, I'm locked in there, and you can relax a little bit. Let's see, old suit pressure is - must be breathing a little bit, it's up to 40. (Humming)

CDR Houston, this is America . Everything is looking good from here.

CMP-EVA Houston, this is - Let's see, when you're EVA, they use - they use your name, don't they?

CC Okay, Ron. Yes, sir, we'll use it, Ron.

CMP-EVA Houston, this is Ron. Okay? You hear me okay, I guess, huh?

CC Roger, Ron. Read you loud and clear.

CMP-EVA Okay. (Laughter) Oh, this is great, I'll tell you!

CC Yes, we thought it was Mr. America.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) Well, it is. Something like that. Oh, boy! Beautiful Moon! Full Moon down there. Runs back of - What? You know, you can't see anything. The only thing I can see is the SIM bay. I can see the - the engine bell sitting back here. That's a pretty good sized thing, too. And, of course, the UV - the VHF antenna - is still sticking out there. All of the - all of the poles are on it. So it's working all right. Oh, that's a little bit of a rest. Let's pull the old metal thing off here. Oh, okay, well - see it? Can you see that? The thing I'm holding up. Yes, it's the - it's the cover that's on the outside of the pan camera. It's a thermal cover, see, that covers up the cassette.

10 15 18 07 CMP-EVA Yes, well, I'm in the shadows. There we go. Yes. See, that's right. That's the thermal cover that's on there, and then that's the...

CC Roger. Yes, we see it, Ron.

CMP-EVA - - Whooooee (Laughter) Okay. Well, let's see. Ah-ha! There's the pan camera cassette down there.

CC We just saw that cover.


CMP-EVA Okay. Let's see, that's hooked down. And lock it. Yes .... hook laying there. Okay, it's locked so it won't come apart. Okay, where's the old pin. There it is. (Humming)

[Ron Evans is retrieving the Panoramic Camera film cassette.]
10 15 20 02 CMP-EVA Okay, pin is pulled. Frees the handle. And out she comes. Nice and easy. This a heavy son of a gun. Not heavy up here, it just has a lot of – a lot of momentum to it. Once she starts pulling in one direction, it just takes a lot of force to stop it. And we'll just try and - Oops, there's a - ... right there. Wouldn't want to do that. Let me get this thing first and then get this foot out. Okay. I think I'll Just kind of let that thing go and hang on with both hands. Get it started right in front of me. Have to look the best way to see that one. Okay. It's Just kind of floating around up there. Both feet are free. Okay.

10 15 21 24 CMP-EVA Hey, it's just kind of coming along with me. I'll just let her do that. Hey, she's just floating there.

CMP-EVA Okay. Coming. She's still coming. Must be back behind me. That's good. Nice and slow. Because you don't want that thing banging around too much up there, I don't think. CMP-EVA Ahhh, there it is! Delivered it right to you. (Laughter) That's the way it ought to be done, isn't it? Okay, got it locked? Yes. Okay. Ah, you got it hooked on my French gauntlet - my truss guard. (Laughter) Okay. That's a good idea. Oh, that Sun's bright when you look into it. That is a biggy. (Humming) You know, I Just kind of hook it along underneath me and Just go backwards down there. (Humming) That's an unorthodox way to enter the SIM bay, but it works. Okay. We'll ease on up. Oh, okay. I'm going to rest when I get my feet in that thing. Wish you could kind of rest here. You could take it nice and easy. Yes, once you get your feet in there, except that - it kind of - you almost feel like maybe they might come out, you know. (Laughter) So I'm not sure you really trust them. The right foot's in good and tight. Hello, Mom.

CC We see you, Ron. Looking great.

CMP-EVA Hello, Jan. Hi, Jon. How are you doing? Hi, Jaime. Let's see, I'm supposed to rest, though, aren't I? What would you like to know about the SIM bay? Looks great. Nothing is scorched. I was kind of surprised when I saw it on this mapping camera - There was - the two - well, one's just kind of a steel plate there, and right on top of the door, there's something with a piece of tape on it. And I thought that piece of tape came off before launch. CC Ron, just a couple questions while you're standing there resting. Is there any damage to the cable that the mapping camera - the cable between the mapping camera and the shelf?

10 15 25 26 CMP-EVA Let me check on that one.

CC Roger. Don't move and look at it. It was not that important. If you can see it, fine; otherwise, forget it.

CMP-EVA Yes. Okay. I want to kind of take a look at it when I go by. There's Jack (laughter) Hey, how are you doing? You're looking right into the Sun, though, and I'm looking right at you. I should have a camera, and I could take your picture. And there - see the Moon back over there? That's a - Well, that's the way it goes. Hey, it's clearer down here when you take that visor up. I hope I took the outside one. I mean the gold one. No, that's both of them, I think. Better leave it down. There we go. Yes, you take the outside one up a little ways and then you can really see down in the SIM bay. You know, that tape down in here is not scorched one bit. The whole side of the spacecraft is scorched like a son of a gun - but the - you know, the panels, and everything. Man, there's bubbles, you know, on all that silver paint that's on here - is, you know, it used to be kind of a bright-looking silver paint. It looks like - it's in a shadow right now - but it looks like it's just been heated up one way or another. Yes, that's it up here between the SIM bay and the top of the service module. It actually looks like it's been burned, you .know. Not _ just a little bit warm, it's just kind of burned because it's bubbled. Yes. That's what you were seeing from the LM, I'm sure. And - but - as far as I can - it's kind of dark down the other side of the spacecraft - the other side of the SIM bay - but it looks like the thrusters don't make any – hardly any marks on there. Now, I look - I look at quad A - the side of quad A thruster, though, and it's all scorched. So I'm not sure but what that might have been - what in the world could do that? Tower jett, do you suppose? I don't know. Might have. Well, let's take one of these covers off. Oh, this is - like it did in practice. (Laughter) Sticking underneath the door. Looks like I can jerk on it a little harder up here. In practice, I didn't want to break it. There's – a part of the - could you see that one?

CC Roger. We see it. Looks like the outer-space Olympics going on up there.

10 15 28 26 CMP-EVA (Laughter) Hey, this is great, I'll tell you! And let me see which way to throw it so you all can see it down there. There it goes. (Chuckle) Okay...

CC Roger. We see it reflecting off in the distance.

CMP-EVA Did you see it? Okay.

CC Never did that in the water tank.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) Yes. That's the little - the Mylar. That's that tinfoil they make the LM out of, you know.

CC Roger.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) No, not really. You know, it's kind of an insulation-type stuff. And see all that yellow?

CDR if that's what they made the LM out of, you'd never be able to pull it apart, I'll tell you.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) That's right. I - I'm joking about that, you know. I'm really joking. Fellows, it was a good vehicle.

CC We'll send your apologies to Bethpage.

CMP-EVA And (laughter) - No, I guess Bethpage knows I'm Joking, you know. Let me see. Hey, I got to make sure I get this on the right handle here, don't I? CMP-EVA Gee, that's why I wore my watch, and I forgot to start it. (Laughter) Okay. About 40 minutes, huh?

CC We've got you 35 minutes - 36 minutes, Ron.

CMP-EVA Oh, okay. Oh. Okay. Yes, the EVA lights are kind of blistered, also. No, they're back behind, toward the Sun. Put some hooks on there now. I'm hooked onto the (chuckle) cassette. No, maybe that tape's supposed to be on that pan camera, I'm sure. Put the old doors back in there real well. I don't know what - what would cause that thing to - ... those 4 minutes, anyhow. Ah-ha! There's the old mapper cassette. Well, I'm going to - a_ I supposed to pick it up or what? I want to take a look down in there. Can't get out that way. _ (Laughter) Got my left foot stuck in there, and you can't go out in the left direction with – with my foot in there. You have to lean over to the right a little bit to take your foot out. (Humming) Yes, nice and clean - down in there. Yes, that cable's in the clear. I can see down in there. There doesn't seem to be anything hanging up on it at all.

CC Okay, Ron; good show.

[Ron Evans is retrieving the Lunar Mapping Camera cassette.]
10 15 32 40 CMP-EVA Okay. Put the old Sun visor down now. Whoops, come back here, little cassette. (Humming) Yes, I was going to try to lift that door up, but should have done that while I was punched down in there.

CC There's no requirement on that, Ron; no requirement.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) Okay. I want to check one thing while I'm out here before I leave, and to see the bottom of this quad A. Forgot to look at it. Yes, well, it looks just like the side almost. More blistered on the side than it is on the bottom, but I think maybe it's just the paint. Okay, I'm coming back in. Oh, Okay.

CMP-EVA Man, the RTV is good out here. Looks brand new. Whatever they put on the hinge. Looks like that RTV stuff, you know. That's why they sealed around all their doors on here. And it's spanking clean as ever. (Humming) Okay, no hurry .... Once (Chuckle) - Outstanding - once you get stable in a position, see, I can pretty much hang on with one hand, and I can twist - 0ops. Yes, once you start going, it's a son of a gun to try - it's all wrist action. Working - Yes, but once you get stable on the thing, you can kind of relax there, and - Yes ... drift, you know, and if I ever bang my foot against - against something, Just – just barely touch it, and it bangs right back. And - Hey, America looks really great there. Still got that silver tape on him - or is it blue? Looks silver with this helmet. Let's see, I've got to get over this way farther this time, don't I? Okay. There we go. Hey, I got a picture of the waste water dump from the LM the other day, but it looks the same way now. There's all kinds of little ice particles all around the - the periphery of the dump nozzle itself. It covers up the - well, that kind of gold part that's – that's on the - on the end of the dump nozzle. And then, there are little particles of frozen water, I guess - must be - that are - that are all over - up the side of the spacecraft there, but only in the vicinity of the - the nozzle. It goes up just about to window number 1 - it goes up to window number 1 - well, maybe on up to - no, there's particles all the way up the side of the spacecraft, clear up to the top of the tunnel. But they're real fine. I want to see if they're stuck on there. Hey, you can just touch them, and they blow away. They're just little ice particles.

10 15 37 42 CDR Okay, Houston. We got all three cassettes this side.

CC Roger. Good show.

10 15 37 46 CMP-EVA Hey, here's something. You know, the one thing that really shows up - and it makes you kind of proud - it says United States , and it's got a United States of America flag right below it. That didn't get scorched or a darn thing. That's great. And – let's see now - I see what Charlie Duke meant. Man, it's dark out here. It is really dark. The scimitar antenna, right there - in no shape - no problem. Wish there were some more handholds, I'd go around the other side of the spacecraft. Take a look at the high gain. There aren't any more handholds.

CC Okay, Ron, we don't need any more spacecraft commentary. We'd like you to go ahead and terminate the EVA. You're looking great. You're looking great. Everybody's really pleased, and we'd just like to go ahead and terminate.

10 15 39 49 CMP-EVA Okay. Sounds good.

CDR Okay, Bob, we'll get back in.

CMP-EVA Torque? I can't. How's that?

CMP-EVA Okay, I guess we'll - start getting back in then. I'm up below the camera right now.

CC Ron, you'd be happy to know, on the TV, we got a great view of your OPS [?] with the United States flag on it.

CMP-EVA Hey, beautiful! Perfect! Let's see, which way do I want to get the umbilical down there? Oh, yes, but you're pulling me sidewise, okay. That's all right. Wait a minute. Okay. No, that's all right. Okay. You are in good shape now. Go ahead and start pulling in, now.

CDR Wait a minute, Ron, until we get Jack in the right place.


CMP-EVA Is it clear?

CDR Yes, the umbilical's in. Come on in.


CDR You coming in head down or up?

CMP-EVA Up. This way right now.

CDR You can't close the hatch that way.

CMP-EVA I know it.

CDR Okay.

CMP-EVA Not yet. What does that look like on the monitor?

CC Well, you should have - test me, and I wouldn't want to guess. It's probably the full Moon, isn't it?

CMP-EVA It is.

CC You taught me well, Ron; taught me well.

CMP-EVA Okay, you got - got you real well there. Okay, then I'm going to arc it around and ... See if I can turn around here and - Yes, I am. Trying to, anyhow. Yes, wait a minute, I can't - No, I'm not.

CMP-EVA Yes, afraid I can't get to it. Can't point it. Okay, well, I'll just have to get back in.

CC Okay, Ron, we know what you're trying to do, and we appreciate the TV show. We're looking - we're sorry to see you go, but we'd like to terminate.

CMP-EVA (Laughter)

CDR We're terminating...

10 15 43 21 CMP-EVA Okay, we're terminating.

CC And you might be advised you're right on the Flight Plan, you're right on the Flight Plan.

CMP-EVA Oh, okay. Good. I didn't want to get - cut my time short, or anything, you know.

CDR Unless you can set it way back there. Okay, then I'll keep it right here.

CMP-EVA Sure it's there, Geno? We can shove it underneath your couch.

CDR That's the best place to shove it.

CMP-EVA Can you do that? I'll get up out of your way, here.

CDR Let me get it. Let me get out from under the cord. Okay.

CMP-EVA And, if you can get the TV switch there, Jack, that kind of saves - all that stuff, I guess.

LMP Okay.

CMP-EVA If you can't, I'll get it when I come in.

CDR Okay, and I got it OFF up here, too. Okay, you're in STANDBY, That's all.

CMP-EVA Okay. I'm going to have to come in there kind of - a little bit blinded, because, in order to get in, I got to look at the Sun. So you just got to point me in the right direction there.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) Hey, one of our - Wait a minute – one of our - Kleenexes we're using to wipe the windows with is stuck in the - the gear thing. (Laughter) There it goes.

CDR Okay.


CDR Okay, and back on down.

CMP-EVA Well, let me see here - backing down - let me see, which way do I...

CDR Straight down.


CDR I got your leg.

CMP-EVA Got my leg?

CDR Okay, on the left, make sure that the...

CMP-EVA Wait a minute, let me - What? Swing on the leg, or what?

CDR Just kick it down, you'll be free. Kick your - kick your right leg down.

CMP-EVA There we go. Okay.

CC Hey, Ron. We assume the scissors went out the hatch. Is that affirm?

CMP-EVA (Laughter) I didn't see a thing.

CDR Can you pull it - let me get your umbilical.

CMP-EVA (Laughter) The only thing I saw go out was the...

CDR Okay, Jack...

CMP-EVA - - ...

CDR Ron, Ron, how's the hatch? Get down on the hatch. Your OPS isn't fitting through the top. Pull yourself down. Straight forward. Face down. Nose down. Now back.

CMP-EVA Okay. How's that?

CDR Now back. Keep coming. Keep coming. Now, can you reach the hatch?

CMP-EVA Yes, makes it sort of ... Let me get back in a little bit.

CDR Okay.

CMP-EVA Let me get this visor up. One of them, anyhow. That's a pretty Earth up there.

CDR Okay. Keep - keep your...

CMP-EVA Keep your hand on the - the hatch here .... crescent Earth.

CDR Now, does the seal look good to you, while you got your nose there?

CMP-EVA Yes. Wait a minute...

CDR Check that stuff on the ...

CMP-EVA Got a cassette going out the window, there. Okay, it's clear.

CDR Okay.

CMP-EVA You'll have to look.

CDR Kick that back.

CMP-EVA Okay, now I think everything's clear out of the hatch.

CDR Okay.

CMP-EVA You see, the reason we put that...

CDR Okay.

CMP-EVA Can we get rid of the - instead of pulling the pip pin, we put this little hex nut, see, because I can reach down there and grab hold of the...

CDR Okay. Start pulling.

CMP-EVA - - the hook and pull - and here she comes.

[Ron Evans is pulling closed the Command Module main hatch.]
CDR Okay, she's coming. Here she comes.

10 15 47 23 CMP Okay, and I'm already back inside here.

CDR Okay.

CMP Man, it's dark in here!

CDR Okay. You got to - when you made your first turn, you got a pull light, there.

CMP Wait a minute.

CDR Okay, get a couple turns on it.

CMP Okay. There's one turn on it. I mean - I – I can release it?

CDR Okay, now get it back.

CMP That's a little harder to pull shut than I...

CDR The hatch is coming.

CMP Yes, I thought it was.

CDR Keep going.

CMP That's as far as it will go.

10 15 47 58 CMP Let's see, does that line up with these little marks on there?

CDR Okay; and the hex is clear. That one's in good shape. Close the hatch and - Okay. Verify lock pin dropped in, white to white.

10 15 48 08 CMP Yes. Okay, we're white to white.

LMP Okay, stow actuator handle, ACTUATOR HANDLE in NEUTRAL.

10 15 48 14 CMP ACTUATOR HANDLE is NEUTRAL, and it's stowed.

LMP Okay, you still got white to white?

CMP I still got white to white.

LMP And the dogs over here look good to me.

CMP The dogs look good, let me see if my pencil mark is on there.

CMP Yes, they're lined up.


10 15 48 31 CMP GEAR BOX SELECTOR is verified LATCH.

LMP Okay. Cabin repress.

CMP Wait a minute, I got to close the - Oh, okay, now I...

CDR Let's get this, then we can start on cabin repress, okay?

CMP Okay. Side hatch dump valve, close.

LMP Okay. Side hatch dump valve, close.

10 15 48 46 CMP Okay, we're closing it.

CMP You know, it's funny. We didn't see anything come up around that crazy ... we put in there, but as soon as I opened the hatch, the whole world came out.

LMP Okay.

10 15 49 11 CMP Okay. Okay, it's closed.


The following reports are of flight anomalies on Apollo 17, which were extracted from the Apollo 17 Mission Report JSC-07904 March 1973.

Page 15-34

15.5.1 Panoramic Camera Velocity/Altitude Sensor Operated Erratically

Telemetry data from the second panoramic camera pass on revolution 13 indicated that the velocity/altitude sensor output was erratic. The velocity/altitude sensor measured the rate of travel of the spacecraft relative to the lunar surface. The output signal from the sensor (fig. 15-25) controls the cycling rate of the camera and the forward motion compensation, as well as the exposure since the width of the exposure slit is dependent upon the scanning rate of the lens. The sensor operates in the range from 45 to 80 miles altitude. An override switch in the spacecraft provides the capability for locking out the sensor and substituting preset voltages which correspond to rates for the 55- and 60-mile altitudes.

In accordance with the flight plan, the velocity/altitude sensor was not used during the first panoramic camera operating period; instead, the override switch was used to substitute a pre-selected velocity/altitude value and thereby achieve the desired forward motion compensation. The sensor was used in the normal mode during the second camera operating period, but due to an indication that the normal mode was operating erratically, the override capability was used for the remainder of the mission.



Data analysis indicates that the erratic operation may have resulted from a downward shift in the scaling of the sensor output signal. If so, the shift was most likely caused by a component failure within the sensor circuitry. Because this was the last mission for the panoramic camera, no further investigation is necessary.

This anomaly is closed.

15.5.2 Mapping Camera Exposure Pulse Absent At Low Light Levels

One of the mapping camera telemetry channels incorporates a pulse whose presence each time the film is exposed confirms that light has been transmitted through the metric lens and shutter to the film. This exposure pulse failed to appear at the lower light levels.

The pulse is generated by a light sensor and associated amplifier and a one-shot multi-vibrator (fig. 15-26). The light sensor consists of four photo diodes, with one near each edge of the 4½ by 4½-inch picture format (fig. 15-27).

All four diodes are connected in series. (Figure 15-26.) Light sensor circuitry. During Apollo 15 and 16, this pulse was absent only at the very low light levels, thereby indicating that the Apollo 17 discrepancy may have been due to a threshold shift in the light sensor circuitry. A 50-foot strip of metric photography from revolution 62 was processed in order to establish whether this was the case or some other problem was actually reducing the light being transmitted to the film. The test strip indicated that the film had been properly exposed, thus indicating that the light sensor circuitry had indeed experienced a threshold shift. This shift could have been the result of a photo diode failure or a change in the performance of the amplifier, the one-shot multi-vibrator, or the circuitry between these two elements.

Since this was the last mission for this camera, no further analysis is necessary.

This anomaly is closed.


15.5.3 Panoramic Camera Gimbal Drive Failure

The panoramic camera lost its stereo capability 8 minutes prior to completion of its final photographic pass in lunar orbit. Stereo photography is achieved by gimbaling the lens assembly fore and aft between exposures so that one picture of a stereo pair is taken with the lens viewing ahead of the nadir and the other picture is taken with the lens pointing behind the nadir. Two independent telemetry points indicated that the lens assembly had ceased to gimbal (fig. 15-28). These were the forward motion compensation tachometer voltage and the automatic exposure command voltage. Monographic photography continued, but it was degraded somewhat by the associated loss of forward motion compensation that is achieved by slowly gimbaling the lens during film exposure.

This inability to gimbal the lens system was apparently the result of a failure in either the gimbal drive motor or the electrical circuitry that provides power to the motor. Most likely, the motor failed since the motor brushes are limited-life items.

Since this was the last mission for this camera, no further analysis will be performed.

This anomaly is closed.


Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report - NASA SP-330, 1973

Apollo 17 Mission Report - NASA JSC-07904, March 1973

Apollo by Numbers - NASA SP-2000-4029, Spring 2001

Apollo 17 Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transcript - NASA MSC-07629, December 1972

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