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The authors are indebted to many people who gave their inspiration, time and knowledge to the Journal. Primary among these is Eric M. Jones, the creator and author of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Eric's monumental work is concerned with the most important aspect of Apollo, the exploration of the surface of the Moon itself, and this Flight Journal can only ever hope to be a companion to it. We are very grateful to Eric for inspiring the creation of the Apollo Flight Journal, and for the help and guidance he has cheerfully given along the way.

We would also like to thank the following people who contributed much to the Journal. Dave Scott, Commander of Apollo 15, kindly reviewed the Journal and graciously put up with the incessant queries we put to him. In February 2004, he travelled to Scotland to join Frank O'Brien, historian David Harland and myself for a review of the flight. Al Worden, the Command Module Pilot of Apollo 15, also took time out of a busy schedule to give assistance when requested. Steve Garber of the NASA History Office and Lois Morris of Rice University, Texas provided many of the background documents with which the story of the flight could be retraced. Henry Spencer also reviewed the text, lending his immense knowledge to tightening up many of the deeper technical aspects and Paul Spudis of the Lunar and Planetary Institute reviewed those sections dealing with the geology of Luna. The guidance of David M. Harland in the early stages of preparation, and his careful, experienced eye in catching sequencing and logical errors is also very much appreciated. We would also like to thank NASA for hosting this site on their servers and therefore giving it a presence on the web that would be otherwise more difficult to achieve.

Michael Light kindly donated imagery from his wonderful book, Full Moon. Rob Gendler donated superb images of the Moon which he expertly took himself. Kipp Teague supplied high resolution images from his Project Apollo Image Gallery . Bruce Yarbro of Papertrainer furnished me with copies of recent photodocumentation he had done of the Apollo 13 Command Module Odyssey. Robin Wheeler scanned and donated dozens of images from the science cameras and Joe O'Dea compiled an index to the photographic images used in the journal. Ken Glover produced RealVideo clips and Lennie Waugh nursed a hot scanner to provide scans of the Apollo 15 Flight Plan.

Finally, to those kind folk who either read the transcript looking for errors, omissions, inconsistencies and typos; or else provided answers to queries when called upon, we extend our grateful thanks. Ry Alford, Robert Barron, Doug Bennett, Tim Blaxland, Syd Buxton, Marc Cecotti, Chuck Corway, David Craig, Richard Croy, Steve Cybulski, Gordon Davie, Eduardo Delgado, Dave Edwards, Pete Evans, Andrew Field, Kevin Forsyth, William Foster, George Giusti, Richard Glueck, Henk Hakkesteegt, Ronald Hansen, Derek Henderson, Mick Hyde, Mike Jetzer, Phil Karn, Bill Kromydas, Harald Kucharek, Brian Lawrence, Don Lind, Calum Mackay, Gary Matylewicz, Simon Meredith, Graham Nelson, Ken Offer, Richard Orloff, Martin Peters, Jim Scotti, Jim Sherman, Shawn Shianna, Shaun Smith, Roland S. Speth, Kevin Stirling, James Summers, John Tribe, Alexandr S. Turhanov, Henri M. van Bemmel, Andrew Vignaux, Justin Wigg, Kevin Woods.

David Woods

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