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George C. White, Jr.

George C. White, Jr., is Director, Apollo Reliability and Quality in the Apollo Program Office, NASA Headquarters. Prior to his appointment to this position in November 1966, he was Chief, Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Test Performance in the Apollo Test Division since December 1963. He joined NASA in February 1963 as Chief, Command and Service Module Development.

During the period from October 1953 to February 1963, Mr. White had been with Fairchild Aircraft (now Fairchild-Hiller) in Advanced Design, Engineering Management and Program Management on the WS-123A Goose Missile and the SD-5 Surveillance Drone.

Six years, beginning in October 1947, were spent with NACA, Langley Research Center, in mechanical and structural design of rocket-powered research models and special projects in the helicopter and airplane fields.

Mr. White had resigned from the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Buffalo, New York in December 1945 to organize and manage the Dansaire Corporation where he was responsible for design, manufacture and flight test of a three-place personal aircraft. He had, previous to this, been in structures engineering at Curtiss-Wright for six years, and in manufacturing at Curtiss-Wright and Piper Aircraft for a total of four years, having started at Piper in 1935.

Mr. White was born in West Grove, Pennsylvania in 1914. He received a B.S. Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana, in 1937. He is married to the former Marcia C. McOmber of Bradford, Pennsylvania and they have two daughters now in college. They reside in Rockville, Maryland, where they are both active in the Rockville, Presbyterian Church. Mr. White is a Registered Professional Engineer and an Associate Fellow in the AIAA and he holds a Commercial Pilot's License.


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