Source: This document taken from the Report of Apollo 204 Review Board

Management Instruction

SUBJECT: Mission Failure Investigation Policy And Procedures

1. Purpose

This Instruction established the policy and procedure for investigating and documenting the causes of all major mission failures which occur in the conduct of NASA space and aeronautical activities.

2. Applicability

This Instruction is applicable to NASA Headquarters and field installations.

3. Definition

For the purpose of this Instruction, the following term shall apply:

In general, a failure is defind as not achieving a major mission objective.

4. Policy

a. It is NASA policy to investigate and document the causes of all major mission failures which occur in the conduct of its space and aeronautical activities and to take appropriate corrective actions as a result of the findings and recommendations.

b. The Deputy Administrator may conduct independent investigations of major failures in addition to those investigations required of the Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Program Offices as set forth in paragraph 5a.

5. Procedures

a. Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Program Offices are responsible, within their assigned areas, for:

b. When the Deputy Administrator decides to conduct an independent investigation, he will:

(1)Establish a (name of project) Review Board, comprised of appropriate NASA officials;

(2)Define the specific responsibilities of each Board, encompassing such tasks as:

c. Procedure for implementing the Board's recommendations shall be determined by the Deputy Administrator.

6. Cancellation

NASA Management Manual Instruction 4-1-7 (T.S. 760), March 24, 1964.

(Robert J. Seamans, Jr.) Deputy Administrator


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