Video Player Help
NASA's Video Player is designed to detect your preferred media player and offer video in that format. Videos may play in Windows MediaPlayer, RealPlayer or QuickTime. You may not be able to view all videos in the player unless you have the proper plugins.

You can download the latest plug-ins here:

›  Windows &rarr
›  RealPlayer &rarr
›  QuickTime &rarr

Firefox users may need to download and install a new version of the Windows Media Player plug-in:

›  Windows Media Player Plug-in for Firefox &rarr

Firefox users may also want to download the ActiveX plugin to view captioning on some Windows Media Player videos. The ActiveX plugin can be installed by going to the site below, downloading the appropriate plugin for your version of Firefox, dragging the saved file into your Firefox window, and then closing and restarting Firefox.
›  Get the ActiveX Plugin for Firefox &rarr

Mac users may want to check this page &rarr to ensure the latest components are installed.

To meet Section 508 Accessibility requirements, captions RealPlayer and QuickTime videos. Captions may not always be available in other formats. The player may not display captions properly in all combinations of media player, browser and operating system. If you need a captioned version of a video, please use this form to contact us, specifying your problem. We will make every effort to provide you with a captioned video link as soon as possible.

Thank you for using NASA's On Demand Video Player.