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Welcome to the NEPA Library

NASA maintains an internal NEPA document repository, called the NASA Environmental Tracking System (NETS), for NASA NEPA managers and the community. Numerous documents, including Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Assessments (EAs), Executive Order 12114 Documents, Categorical Exclusions (CatExs), and other reports are automatically posted from NETS to a NASA NEPA Library that can be accessed by the public.

NETS Library Page

Figure: Example of a NASA NEPA Public Library Filtered-List. Click Here for a larger view.

Shown at right is an example of a category-filtered list, which includes column headings for the NASA Center(s) that developed the document, the official document title and type (e.g., EIS), and the date that the document was completed.

The tabs below show the content available on the NASA NEPA Public Library. Within each section of the library, links can be found to category-filtered list of NASA NEPA documents available from the public library.


Environmental Assessments
Environmental Impact Statements
Executive Order 12114 Documents
Categorical Exclusions

EPA headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

Additional Information Available from the EPA
The Environmental Protection Agency, like other federal agencies, prepares and reviews NEPA documents. However, EPA has a unique responsibility in the NEPA review process. Under Section 309 of the Clean Air Act, EPA is required to review and publicly comment on the environmental impacts of major federal actions including actions which are the subject of EISs. If EPA determines that the action is environmentally unsatisfactory, it is required by Section 309 to refer the matter to CEQ.

Also, in accordance with a Memorandum of Agreement between EPA and CEQ, EPA carries out the operational duties associated with the administrative aspects of the EIS filing process. The Office of Federal Activities in EPA has been designated the official recipient in EPA of all EISs prepared by federal agencies. The EPA has posted all EIS documents that have been submitted to that agency since 2004. Of the more than 3600 records posted by the EPA since 2004, NASA has completed 16 EIS documents (records can be found at the links below).

Learn more about the EPA Role and the EIS database at the EPA.

Learn more about the EPA Scoring System.

EPA's Record of all Agency EISs submitted since 2004.

EPA's Record of NASA's EIS submitted since 2004.