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Franklin R. Chang-Díaz

Dr. Chang-Díaz is a veteran of seven space shuttle missions and holds a doctorate in applied plasma physics. His work as a scientist astronaut helped foster closer ties between the astronaut corp and the science community.

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Franklin R. Chang-Díaz

Selected by NASA as part of the 1980 class of Space Shuttle astronauts, Dr. Chang-Diaz first flew as a mission specialist on the STS-61C mission in 1986. HIs 25-year career as an astronaut included seven space shuttle missions and serving as the Director of the NASA Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory from 1994-2005 where he led the early development of the VASIMR® rocket engine. After retiring from NASA, Chang-Diaz founded the Ad Astra Rocket Company to continue his work to build sustainable, efficient, and high-power propulsion systems.

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Franklin Chang-Diaz holding a taco on the middeck of the Space Shuttle Columbia
STS-75 payload commander Franklin R. Chang-Diaz holding a taco at the galley on the middeck of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia. (February 1996)
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