NASA Year in Review 2008
NASA's Top Stories of 2008 - What Do You Think?
Year in Review 2008
ISS 10th Anniversary
Ares 1
Arctic Sea ice
Lighting up the Night/Themis
Testing on Rocket Engine
Collier Trophy
Indian Spacecraft

NASA's Top Science, Exploration and Discovery Stories of 2008

NASA landed on Mars, photographed distant worlds, added to the International Space Station, took part in a lunar science mission with India and made major progress toward returning astronauts to the moon as the agency celebrated its 50th birthday in 2008. Here on Earth, NASA researchers recorded the continued decline of Arctic sea ice, won awards for aviation breakthroughs, discovered the cause of storms that brighten the Northern Lights and helped create state-of-the-art swimsuits worn by Olympic gold medalists. Here are ten of the top accomplishments of America's space agency in its golden anniversary year.

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