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The Desert RATS Virtual Test Site is a 3-D environment that combines NASA models with topography and satellite imagery to bring the 2011 analog field test at Black Point Lava Flow, Arizona to your computer. Two perspectives on this year's mission are available: a ground tour and a sky tour.

Ground Tour

The Ground Tour provides a virtual representation of the Desert RATS Base Camp. Navigate your avatar around the camp to see technologies NASA is testing in the field. Visit kiosks at each asset to learn about how it fits into the future of space exploration and to find the more information on these technologies on the web. Earn a badge for each kiosk you visit; see if you can find them all!

Sky Tour

The Sky Tour displays an aerial view of the Black Point Lava Flow outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. There are four markers on the map to identify each major area the Desert RATS team will be using during the field tests. Select a marker to see the site and learn what questions geologists hope to answer there during the mission.